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Larry Sweazy
writes western and mystery novels, and is a freelance indexer
writes western and mystery novels, and is a freelance indexer

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Ali -- My take
Woke up to the news of Ali's death.  Here's my feeling early in the morning: Houston, Texas, June 20, 1967. He was Cassius Clay then. The jury
deliberated for twenty-one minutes. They found him guilty, fined him $10,000,
took his passport, and gave him the ...

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See Also Murder on sale
The ebook for SEE ALSO MURDER (@SeventhStBooks) is available for $2.99 on Kindle , Kobo , and Nook for one week.

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The Spark (or How I Got Here)
My 12th novel, SeeAlso Deception ( Seventh Street Books ), will be published tomorrow (May 10, 2016). This is
the  second Marjorie Trumaine Mystery featuring my freelance indexer amateur
sleuth. What a fast,
strange, wonderfully interesting trip it has been...

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My First Play
So, the first play I was ever in was "Rosencranz and Guildenstern are
Dead." I was in junior high school, seventh grade, but it was a high
school play. I was one of the Tragedians. Kris Estep Ginley
came to Math class and told me I got the part. I co...

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Here's some info for the upcoming release of the second Marjorie Trumaine novel, SEE ALSO DECEPTION (Seventh Street Books): SEE ALSO DECEPTION: A MARJORIE TRUMAINE MYSTERY   Larry D. Sweazy’s 12th published novel, See Also Deception, features freelance inde...

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"Spring has returned. The Earth is like a child who knows poems."  -- Rainer Maria Rilke Shaking the gray, gloomy grip of winter is always welcome around our house.  I like winter, the silence of it, the solitude, but it can linger too long, even for my lik...

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Sometimes the story is lost just out of reach.  The best thing that I know to do is keep writing, keep working your way out of it.  If you pay attention when you're lost in a cloud, the sounds are amplified, all of your senses are working to together to hel...

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Influences: Pat Conroy
I was sad to learn this week of author Pat Conroy’s
passing.   As a reader, I discovered
Conroy in the 1970s with The Water is Wide , but it really was with The Great Santini and The Lords
of Discipline that I began to understand that the reason I loved Pat...

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My publisher, Seventh Street Books , is giving away copies of my upcoming novel, See Also Deception: A Marjorie Trumaine Mystery on Goodreads.  Click here to go to Goodreads.   “Brimming with atmosphere and filled with well-drawn characters, See Also Decept...

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Repetition: This Week's Blog Post
I thought for a while that I could sustain the blog with an
interaction between training Kassi and how that training and those commands related to writing.   I still think there’s
still value in that idea, but I also think that I need to broaden the paramet...
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