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Trying to make time to hack on a few outstanding patches, now that I'm done with tax returns filing stuff.

This is about my experience through the ordeal. I mean no offence, just sharing my opinion.

Ever since I heard of digital signing I have known and used only this one tool called GnuPG(short gpg). By far the best and most usable tool ever for signining digital data and building trust networks. Indian income tax website wants pks signed document. What the fuck is pks anyway?

First a microsoft excel spreadsheet infested with visual basic macros making it difficult for *nix users, then hardcoded backslashes embedded in that shit script in the spreadsheet, and icing on the cake is this pks bullshit.

Is Govt. Of India being bribed by Microsoft? Why are we such shit software pro country?

I hope it gets better someday. BTW, *nix users can use libreoffice to file tax returns, you'll need to hack some really ugly VB macros though.

The idoits that complained that Lisp had too many parens are now licking VBs ass. How braindead can it get? Microsoft is definitely the worst thing that happened to mankind since iceage.

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