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Thrandur Arnthorsson
Chief-editor and owner of 4x4 Off Roads and an off-road enthusiast!
Chief-editor and owner of 4x4 Off Roads and an off-road enthusiast!

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Packt Publishing?
I recently got contacted by Packt Publishing for doing a course on a specific topic. Has anyone in this group had experience with them?

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Had a great time this weekend...
Formula Offroad Iceland: Hella 2015
Amazing action!

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You only live once - so here is my second course :)
Exclusive to this wonderful group can get it now for only $10:
This one is targeted for Web Designers...

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For your eyes only :)
Here is a HUGE discount (only $10) for my Develop a Responsive Bootstrap 3 WordPress Theme course:

Hey there!
My name is Thrandur and I live in cool Iceland (so actually my name is spelled Þrándur).
I have a wife and two kids and recently became a grandfather :)
I have a Bs degree in Computer Science and a recent diploma in Entrepreneurship.
My online adventure began in 2003 with my site where I currently have 193K fans on the Facebook page!
I am the General Secretary for the Icelandic Motorsport Association.
My first two Udemy courses are on Web Development and Web Design. I have been extremely happy with the Udemy experience and the way they draw in new students. 
I have SO many ideas for more courses :)
One idea is to leverage my big fan base to create a course on 4x4s and offroading.
I have some experience of using HOA. I own the site with my wife and we have done a few sessions and plan on more.
I am also interested in doing more for the 4x4 site as well as for Icelandic motorsport - so this group is pretty exciting for me :)

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Guðni Þór og Marie eru að fara af stað með IndieGogo fjármögnun fyrir Víkingasaltið!
Gudni Thor and Marie are starting off with IndieGogo financing for their Viking Silver Super Salt!

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