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J.W. Alden
Author, Science Fiction & Fantasy
Author, Science Fiction & Fantasy

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Read "Möbius" in The Future is Nigh
The Future is Nigh , a free anthology of short works from ten Writers of the Future winners, releases today. Inside, you can find  Möbius , a flash piece of mine that originally appeared in the pages of  Nature in 2014. Also featured within are stories by t...

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Check Out the Flash Fiction Online 2016 Anthology
Volume 1 of the Flash Fiction Online 2016 Anthology released this week , which includes my story Project Earth is Leaving Beta . This volume of the anthology collects science fiction stories published by FFO in 2016. Project Earth is Leaving Beta first saw ...

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Listen to "The Sun Falls Apart" on StarShipSofa
You can hear an audio adaptation of my story  The Sun Falls Apart  on the Hugo-winning podcast StarShipSofa this week. The Sun Falls Apart is about a teenage boy named Caleb who has never seen the sun. Boarded windows and a fortified door have kept the outs...

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Read "Project Earth is Leaving Beta" in Flash Fiction Online
Project Earth is Leaving Beta  is reprinted today in Flash Fiction Online . This humorous flash piece is written in the style of a Kickstarter update sent to backers of "Project Earth," the elaborate MMO game that is our lives. You can read it alongside awe...

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WotF Recap, Part 3: The Workshop
In part one of this series, I shared some info about my contribution to Writers of the Future Vol. 32 , "The Sun Falls Apart." In part two , I introduced you to the talented illustrator who brought the story to life. Now, I'll attempt to provide a glimpse i...

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Read "Project Earth is Leaving Beta" in Nature
This week's issue of Nature is out today, and you'll find a story of Project Earth is Leaving Beta waiting for you on the Futures page. You can also read it for free on the Nature website , along with all the other Futures stories published each week. I'm d...

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WotF Recap, Part 2: The Art (with Autumn Evelyn)
In my last entry , I talked about "The Sun Falls Apart," the story of mine that won 1st Place in Writers of the Future . But the winning stories are just one side of the coin. The other is the Illustrators of the Future contest, which highlights up and comi...

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Writers of the Future Recap, Part 1: The Story
Well, I've been home from my wild trip to Hollywood for about two weeks now, and I'm still recovering. You know when you get done with a crazy roller coaster ride and they dump you out in the exit area, and everyone's walking kind of slow and leaning agains...

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Writers of the Future Volume 32 Now Available for Preorder
This year's Writers of the Future anthology, which features my 1st Place winning story, is now available for preorder on Amazon . And take a long gander at that cover art by Sergey Poyarkov. Is that not fantastic? I adore it. And oh, hey, sharing a table of...

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Read "Battle Lines" in Fantasy Scroll Mag
Battle Lines , a flash piece about trapped enemy soldiers talking to each other over a blast door loudspeaker, is reprinted this week in issue #11 of Fantasy Scroll Magazine . Battle Lines was one of the first stories I ever wrote at the flash fiction lengt...
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