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Who knew SB Squarepants was such a good writer? The accusations against him are a bit fishy. My son got in big trouble a couple years ago for calling a kid on the bus a baffoon. Frankly, I was quite impressed that my child, who was practically non-verbal just two years previous, could use such a big word in context. ;)
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My 5-year-old, non-verbal, severely autistic grandson, a Spongebob fanatic, just got a Spongebob potato head for his birthday this weekend. I tossed all the parts to the four new potato sets in a big bin full of the parts for the other six sets of potato head parts. He came home, dug out all the parts for Spongebob and reassembled him in less than two minutes. Seems unremarkable? There were 24 white arms in the bin, and he pulled out the correct two and put them on the potato on the correct sides of the body. The difference between Spongebob's arms compared to most of the others is very subtle. To find the correct arms in that bin . . . just plain amazing for this particular little boy. I think Spongebob has had a remarkable influence on my little babe. Remarkable.
That's awesome, Janet! I look at situations like that as stepping stones for bigger and better things. :D Poor Sponge Bob is getting such a bad rap. He sure has helped out our family.
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