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I love you just the way you are is my favourite song, and.....reciprocal truth. So beautiful.
This text is to hard to read
You may not live up to my expections, but this is someone that loves all of you!!!! Lillian PEP 
I wish to meet n know who that somebody is :) 
ya! its true...somewhere, someone is made,for every one...
You may or may not be aware, there is somebody out there who loves you just the way you are

"But God commendeth his love toward us, in that, while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us." Romans 5:8
Just when do u find that person? plus, screw people's standards, if ur happy with urself then that's what really matters <3
But the train's coming.
munju s
there's no has to keep making efforts to win love..nothing comes free on life..not even love
The first is rite dunno about tha latter!!!!!!!!!!!:)
too much traffic on the roads
Karl W.
Yeah, your mom is that someone.
Shipra Sonalisa Das,
It's hard to walk in the rocks beside the tracks with the shoes she's wearing and the ties aren't always spaced for a normal walking pace.
Ai An
I am believing this! ^^*
as long as you DON'T GO WALKING ON THE RAILWAY TRACKS! sorry, but how dangerous is that?
hahaha true but thats maybe where u can find that special person ina atrain maybe???
It hasto b true if its not alot of us are scrood but keep on keepin on love life for what its worth i hope we can all have that one cillybabylove
You are fucking awesome but everyone needs to change a little bit. If you don't then you are just lazy. You owe it to yourself to become that person that loves YOURSELF just the way you are, just like everyone else, we all need to better our situation here and we certainly don't have to fucking settle. You can do better and you should go out there and really try, not just stop early and keep things shaky on a single rail. Shake things up, take the train off the tracks girl. You are gorgeous and if they don't see it don't let them hold you back. All you have to do is do what the fuck it takes to feel good about yourself and carry that beauty into your real life... Or you can just find someone who is okay with you being empty and has to keep you by his weak side. Remember, you don't need a god damned thing and there ought to be someone out there who fucking loves you, shit, go and look in the mirror and if you see ugly than try to change your perception of things...
nice not all the bad words but really good lol
yes it is but only sometimes half of its true lol
i always wanted to believe this, but so far in my experiences, my bf (then and now) would always notice and wish to change even just a bit from myself whether its as simple as the way i dress, how i use my facebook/webbies, how to deal with other men even in business... but since i really love the person, i would still do it even its no longer the real me...i guess this is what compromise means. im not hopeless to say that there are still men out there who can truly love their women at the same time maintain their coolness in handling relationships. crossing fingers and a hopeful heart nonetheless, im happy if i make my boyfriend happy, whatever it takes.
yes i believe...i will wait..
Its hard to belive especially when your heart has been broken
I love What it says, but I wish it was true!
I love those shoes for who they are can sm one tell me where can I get those from??!!
yeah until they find someone else
not everyone that lucky to have that.. prolly a matter of timing 
This is so true but sometimes we don't see it till it is too late, we have a massive ability to not see what is right there in front of us! 
Yeah...until you dont have anything for them..and then you are back to being a piece of shit!

Yeah this is soooo true, hopefully this will work out for me =)
"So true, so true" bla bla -_- Hipster photo, tired of these. Just pick a random picture, insert some deep text and woala, you got people commenting "So true".
The only problem is that I've found that person but I dont love them back.......
Slightly worrying image, she is walking on a train track for goodness sake!?!
Am a single mom, but now married and looking forward to having a partner in the journey through life.
Maybe the young lady who was asking  for the opinions of strangers about herself should read this- After-all we should live up to our own expectations before worrying about those of others, because how can you PLEASE others if you cant PLEASE yourself!!!
Very true.. but we have to search that.
It is hard to believe when you are hurt and have a broken heart takes a special person to mend it.
Yea, just wish it was way easier to find.
 it seems easy though in pratical its kak
oh me just they way i am
It is true,But in naija money matters alot,that is y i trust in money first, since I got someone that love me the way am I
That is so true. You have to stand out and be youself.
wish waz true enuf to b believed !!
wish that can happen 2 me :[. but still waiting 
There is God who loves you just the way you are ALL the time!!
too many people don't realize this. They end up settling because they feel oh he/she is nice to me or I feel comfortable around them but there is always that little tiny voice inside that says something is missing. That voice isn't there when you find the one who knows you better than anyone and accepts you for YOU. Doesn't mean it's perfect, nothing is and the fact Disney portrays things that way once you find someone messes way too many people up. Relationships take work by both parties but when you both know and respect each other and accept the other for who they are the "work" just happens. Being like everyone else or meeting someone else's expectations is just a cover for being too afraid to be yourself.
yeh it is true but also the way you are adds alot to your love.
The last 3 lines r similar 2 the song "Just The Way You Are " by Bruno Mars........... ;-)
Im to lazy to post that in 10 different post so il just like it and hope my wish still comes true lol
Its true, there's always someone somewhere who loves you the way you are. But someone has to work very hard to get the love needed from  each other
nobody is perfect...and everyone is if you love the person..accept him/her for what he/she is..
you took the words straight out of my mouth mamaspynx reyes
Yeah, like a train or something.
Thanks for the comments. I'm hoping you guys will find true love as well, and find the one who will love you and accept you just the way you are. Saw this quote on the web..."TRUE LOVE is not finding the perfect person to love, but LOVING the imperfection of the ONE you LOVE."...I'm thankful to God, coz I JUST DID...I already found my ONE TRUE LOVE. I am very very happy :)
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