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Webcomic Spotlight: A Better Place
and her brother Theo are in the woods one day and find a magical item that
grants wishes. With their wishes they change the world forever. Abetter place is a fantasy, action comic by Harry Bogosian A.K.A harrodeleted . The
story starts off flowing ho...

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Webcomic Spotlight: Oddity Woods
The 12-year-old girl
Marietta a self-proclaimed detective receives a letter about someone that needs
help in Departure Acres. She has no reason not to take this case to find him.
As she starts the investigation she meets a guy investigating the ghost train

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Webcomic Spotlight: The Well by the House on the Hill
Marie comes to babysit two
kids as their parents are out in town. This kind girl finds the kids to be a
hand full as an accident occurs that’s seem to be caused by the kids. When she
awakes from the accident she meets a boy name Cody that has much to teach ...

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spotlight: STRAYS A
young girl named Meela a lupian (a race of people with wolf-like features)
trying to survive on her own. Meets a mute mercenary named Feral that is also a
lupian and decides to tag along. Excitement, danger and humor follows the...
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