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Andrea Giammarchi

has `Symbol` been discussed already? It does not allow `new` by specs, so JSLint keeps complaining that `Symbol('label')` is not OK due missing `new` instantiation. I'm not sure I'm missing a flag in the online tool.

I am having hard-time understanding why I cannot write code for both node and browsers able to pass JSLint validation.

/*jslint browser: true, node: true */
if (typeof window === 'undefined') {
  global.test = 'fail';

regardless how useless that is, the "compare against undefined" is the most annoying and disturbing message I could read.

If a variable is not defined you cannot compare it ... if you don't have access to the root you cannot use ` === undefined` 'cause to know window is there you kinda *have to* use `typeof`

What am I missing exactly? I don't mind `typeof document` once I can `typeof window` but not even "enable stupidity" helps here.


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