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Brenda Holloway
Web developer, bicyclist, gamer, writer, Supra and Celica owner.
Web developer, bicyclist, gamer, writer, Supra and Celica owner.

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Loved his previous game, Nevergrind :)

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Should anyone wonder where I've been... it's on Imzy, mostly. Google Plus' new layout emphasizes flashy videos and big pictures and hides actual conversation, and isn't really as appealing to me as it was when it was just... conversations with the occasional picture at the top.

I know I may be forgetting to tag some of the module designers I know to be on G+...

I may be DMing a 5e adventure in the new year. If it happens, I'd love to play something designed by one of the game designers I follow. Has anyone written a 5e, or close enough to be adapted, adventure for level 1 characters? Failing that, would anyone be able to recommend one that isn't one of the standard WotC beginning adventures?


+Todd Edwards +Scott Geeding +Brian Green 

I apologize to the world. I'm sorry, and I hope we don't bomb you or something.

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Some screenies from Hero's Song. Generating a world, and getting cheered on by locals. If you hang around NPCs long enough, they will mention other settlements, dungeons and monster camps -- but they won't yet put them on the map for you.

I hope they do that at some point. Right now, Hero's Song is just wandering aimlessly until a bat one-shots you. The only way to survive in the game right now is to attack from a distance. Health doesn't return naturally so once you get hurt, you stay hurt until a bat kills you.
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Just killing dragons in Hero's Song, as one does.... My game world had died by this point, though, so I had to delete it all and start over.

There are soooo many issues, the game is barely playable now, but I can't wait to see what it becomes.

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I was obsessed with Mike Oldfield and his music when I was a kid.

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These wild turkeys did NOT want to be photographed today. #WhyIBikeToWork :-)

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Ever have one of those mornings where you come downstairs and there's a Brachiosaur there?

Before the recent Final Fantasy Tactics event started, Gumi resurrected Final Fantasy VI's Brachiosaur in its Final Fantasy nostalgia-drenched mobile game, Brave Exvius. Sadly, I didn't have enough characters from FF6 to take it on just with them. FF1's Warrior of Light, III's Cloud of Darkness, IX's ubiquitous Garland (he keeps popping up in games!), V's Lenna and Exvius' Artemios stepped up as my "A" team.

They were my "A" team, too -- all fairly rare characters that I was proud to field, as a "F2P" player who had spent no real money to acquire them. (I've since paid some money).

But the dinosaur let loose with Snorts that blew party members out of the battle, Disasters that inflicted everyone with conditions, Meteors that rained from the sky (ironically, I thought), and Ultima that one-shot killed the unprepared. I was forced to cough up some in game currency for a continue once I had the luck to survive until it was close enough to dead that I could kill it quickly once revived.

Having 3/5 of the party snorted away makes things a little tricky. Plus, my party is comprised of physical attackers, and Brach is strong against physical. Weak against ice, I believe.

I had no strong mages. So I was weak. I bought some of the in game currency, Lapis, and pulled a gacha machine's handle a few times until some better units popped out. I got Kefka, the FF6 villain who is the game's current strongest mage. Also: Celes, the FF6 rune knight that can seal an opponent's Ultima. And Cecil, the FF4 paladin who has, apparently, the best limit burst in the game. (I never played FF4. Not sure it was released in the US).

I gotta level them fast, because Ivalice, the world of Final Fantasy Tactics, operates on some slightly different rules, and physical damage teams that were godlike until now once again fall short.

Chained magic attacks are where it's at. Flashbacks to having to learn to coordinate chains with groups in FFXI... I remember which chain you did influenced which limit break the group would end up with, too, so it was something every player eventually had to learn.

And it's the same in Exvius.

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I'll always remember: "ONE THIRD???!!!!!"
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