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The Surrender and Sacrifice Solution
Dear Beautiful Souls, When I think of sacrifice I think of all the things I have
given up hoping to manifest the next “big idea” I have for my life. I have
given up sex, food, places I have lived and gone from one extreme to another
trying to fix me. I have...

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Harvest Spirit Food
Dear Beautiful Souls, I realized the flow of my spirit comes so much easier when my
body is clear from the haze of sugar. I began a juice fast yesterday to
reconnect my mind to my spirit, instead of my body. I have struggled with managing
my body all my lif...

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God is Love
Dear Beautiful Souls, I was walking down the streets of New York hand in hand with
a date, when I noticed him. All smiles in a conversation I looked down and my
heart dropped, as I saw a homeless man in a sleeping bag on the curb of a
church. Right next to ...

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Prayer Changes Things
Dear Beautiful Souls, You ever have one of those days where no matter how hard you
try things just don’t go your way? You know how it goes...the frustration kicks
in and you resolve to the idea you may have been better off just staying in
bed. Yep, we have ...

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His Name Was Anthony and He Changed Me
Dear Beautiful Souls, Along the sidewalks of New York, you find them. I noticed
the lost children on a Thursday around midnight at Union Square. They were
playing double dutch and I decided to stop and observe how they found joy in
such a hard edged place. ...

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For the Love of Ruth
Dear Beautiful Souls, I imagine that in those final moments before death, when we
are gasping for air that we are wondering did my life matter. Taking a breath
is the first thing we do when we are born and the last thing we do before we
die.   We probably w...

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For the Mile High Club
Dear Beautiful Souls, As I sat on the front row of my
plane heading to New York, I pondered about the dead solider that was traveling
with us to his family and his final resting place. I was wondering why I was
picking up such a massive headache and then I ...

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For Sickness and in Health
Dear Beautiful Souls, So, I have spent the last week lying in bed making every
promise to God to free me from my horrible plague. I do not know exactly what I
had but I can tell you I was miserable. You know those times when you are so
sick, that you feel l...
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