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So iGoogle is going away. Google is giving us plenty of warning on this change, but I am still not sure what exactly I am supposed to switch to. I use iGoogle for a home page so I can easily see recent emails, headlines from site I frequently vist, a glance at the weather, easy access to my calendar and an RSS feed module.

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Today was the day Lauren shaved her head before the chemo causes hair loss. Lauren's room already has the reputation as the party room in the Leukemia wing. That point was proven today!

At one point we had about 7 visitors during the hair cutting process, two cardiologists, a nurse practitioner and the normal nurse who was prepping today's chemo treatment and helping rubber band hair.

Jon, Lauren's good friend and hairdresser cut my hair first. Then I cut Jon's hair (which was stressful given he's a professional hair dresser). Then Jon prepped Lauren's hair for sending it off to be made into hair cap and finished by shaving it off. At the tail end, my friend Chris came by and he opted to have his hair cut all off as well. 

From left to right we have me, Lauren, Jon and Chris. Lots of credits to Gabby, Chris' wife who hung out in the afternoon to photo document the whole process!

Watching Firefly, working up a blog post for tomorrow...

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Kids running at the hospital.

Favorite Firefly quote ever...

"Y'all see the man hanging out of the spaceship with the really big gun? Now I'm not saying you weren't easy to find but it was kinda out of our way, and he didn't want to come in the first place. Man's lookin' to kill some folk. So really, it's his will y'all should worry about thwarting."

Big Damn Heroes Sir!

Finally got around to watching Tron:Legacy this past weekend. Movie wasn't too bad. The soundtrack is awesome though!

Ha! AdBlock is CatBlock today! Nice!

On the tail end of being sick, but went for a short run this evening. The cool weather was sort of nice!

Back from another run. Three days in a row, hopefully this works as a jump start for the my fitness level!
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