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My latest poem (in Hebrew) up on my blog now: "Hamasa Shelach" (Your Journey) written for my Daughter's 1st birthday.

There is a lot of discussion going on these days around computers that are also tablets or tablets that are computers and whether they are living to their promise.

At the center of these discussions is the Surface tablet from Microsoft boasting Windows 8. The latest version of the OS has a dual paradigm UI, the traditional desktop known and familiar to about a billion existing users, the second and new UI is a tiled interface also known as Metro. I believe Microsoft got it totally right in combining the two into one OS, it makes perfect sense for a user to use the desktop when docked and when used for serious/work-related and content creation tasks and use the tiled Metro interface when on the go or for content consumption.

Where Microsoft got it wrong is in their insistence to force the Metro UI in situations where it doesn't make sense such as on a pure desktop machine or non touch enabled laptops. There is absolutely no value to this interface in these situations. It simply doesn't work. Whats worse is that its making users angry because it mostly just gets in the way. Why do i need to keep going through the start screen just to get to where i want which is the desktop? From my experience it brings zero value over the well established start menu they honed to (near) perfection in Windows 7.

Many people are saying that the desktop is not long for this world and that its just a matter of time before the relatively new UIs such as Metro or Apple's IOS get good enough to replace them. I couldn't disagree more, they aren't going to replace them because there is no way a single, full screen app paradigm is going to win over a fully parallel, multi-windowed interface. Its true that for many simple users its enough but there are still too many users that will simply not find a single app at a time approach is going to work. The only way these interfaces can get better enough to replace the traditional desktop is by allowing multiple windows open at a time with the ability to resize and move them around. Sounds familiar? It should, its called the Desktop!

The direction i think is clear, the same machine we use for work while docked to a keyboard or work station is going to be the same machine we take on an airplane or sit on the couch with. Its going to be strong enough to carry the heavy lifting for work/business apps (those not already running in the cloud) as well as have the right interface for conveniently watching movies or reading articles online. And of course playing angry birds. Its also going to be very thin and light. The Surface isn't there yet, and neither are its various competitors right now. But I'm confident we will see excellent iterations over the next year or two.

On the other hand, those who think the keyboard and mouse are going anywhere are in my opinion greatly mistaken. To be efficient in our work and content creation there doesn't seem to be a real alternative. Voice or touch are no where near and I actually don't think they will be any time soon.


Home is where roaming charges aren't.

my view on religion and the "holifying" of places:

Time & leaders turn places and objects into myth and religious talismans hiding the true purpose of political and strategic gain.

I know its difficult to see through one's own religious fervor but people should consider the fact that whatever they now consider holy is most likely a result of a past politician or leader trying to gain some kind of strategic or political gain.

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I posted on my blog about how to do Unit Testing in .NET with MEF and WCF.

pretty geeky stuff but cool if you're into this sort of thing :)

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Mont St Michel Photos (93 photos)
93 Photos - View album

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video showing one of Naomi House's families:
Was filmed and edited as a volunteering effort by +LivePerson employees.

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When i last visited Amsterdam we cam across this funny scene in Dam Square... Mass pillow fight!

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Awesome! love this track
Wait for it... wait for it... ... ... NOW!
Does this sound familiar?! That's because it's awesome :) Again, a fantastic soundtrack, perfect for mountain roads on a motorcycle :D~
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