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Karen Wardman
Owner of Bonne Fresh Clean
Owner of Bonne Fresh Clean

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How to clean and care and care for your upholstery

Is life too short to vacuum a cushion…?

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The hardest stains to remove from your carpet

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Avoid these errors when cleaning your carpet!

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Top Carpet Cleaning Tips

Is it possible to keep your carpets looking good and prolong their life without your family and friends thinking you are imposing too many rules and dampening their free spirit??

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Whilst we are definitely a nation of pet lovers many of us will be familiar with that sinking feeling when “Tiddles” becomes “Piddles” and “Buster” changes his name to “Busted”..!!

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How to choose the best carpet cleaning company

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Hi all. Thought I'd introduce myself and my business.
I started +Bonne Fresh Clean because I am passionate about running my own business and offering a great local service to my customers - I love the fact customers can be amazed at the work we do and I really enjoy meeting friendly and interesting people.
I have invested in great quality equipment and training and am hoping to build a very successful business in the next couple of years. I have included a link to my website below.
Looking forward to reading posts in the community!

Kind regards, 

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