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About the Economy and the Power of Numbers (our Community), if any doubts existed concerning how much monetary policy (Most Central Banks, here ex:FED - Federal Reserve System in the US) is influencing stock markets (ex:DJIA - Dow Jones), here are 2 graphics for your consideration...

As presented here ▼:
The problem isn't about the stimulus programs. It is about the way the stimulus is being applied, because the money isn't going towards the economy, in order:
1) to support companies and entrepreneurs, developing and creating new ideas and new products, innovating;
2) to convert and adapt the the skills and the knowledge of the unemployed, helping them to integrate the new economy;
3) to transform the industry and the productive platform in the country, building a new paradigm towards Sustainable Growth;
4) to duly and fully reform the Sovereign States, concerning their budgets and the way they are currently managed

These graphics belong to the following article▼ from Fox News
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Enlightening isn't it !?

M2 vs Money velocity..., if you add the information concerning: Growth, Commodities and Financial Markets...

(that can be viewed here)

... it helps you understand that Money (M2) (printed money, quantitative easing, asset purchase, and other forms of money that are currently being injected by Central Banks), because of the way that this is being done, nowadays "New Money" isn't going to the economy, mainly.
Instead 1st goes to financial institutions (in stead of going to commercial and development banks), then goes to financial markets under the form of derivatives mostly, then it spins around and around in the financial markets, throughout Commodities and speculative operations, then it is subtracted of corporate bank bonus and commissions, and, when a small part of the money (M2) arrives to the economy, to fund the entrepreneurs, to support corporate bonds, venture capital and stocks, then it starts to do what it was supposed to do in the 1st place: IT was supposed to SUPPORT THE ECONOMY.

The Graph presented bellow and other useful information can be viewed here:

and here:
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Impressive ... Knowing it, is one thing, but seeing it in the "Written word", is much more powerful!

1st Trade
2nd Country
3rd Money
4th Budget
5th Markets
6th Debt
7th Savings
8th Deficit

Now, have you ever wonder How and Where does the world sets his priorities set!?

The ones that rule our current destinies (governments) in the old days, they picked their insights mostly from books. So, we will understand them better if we concentrate and focus on what were their "written priorities", where they acquired their knowledge and philosophy. Knowing about their mind set, will enable us to retrieve enough information in order to read their priorities. We will perceive their work much faster, and we will be able to prevent or to avoid many of the wrong doings that are currently under way. We also need to keep a closer look, towards the understanding of the false information and incorrect content that currently is surfing the internet, because, it will be in the Internet, where the future Government's will read their information and where they will define their priorities.

This is why: good and verifiable sets of information, good management and a sustainable approach towards governance will promote a good government.
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Usually, myths are created by the ones who want to avoid doing something, because there is too much work involved, and they will not benefit from doing it, or because if they do it right, they will be...
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Our new Web Page @ The Blackbird Project website, went Airborne on January, 27th, 2013. Congrats! Hope you like the design!
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A Network Hub and a Portfolio,
because it unites, connects and presents several projects, where i have been working.
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Reversed Sustainability

(Paper about the Reversed Sustainability effect, published online, 23rd, February, 2012 with additional note concerning Reversed Sustainability published on the 27th, March, 2012 )

Additional Post with info and analyses ...
About Myths, Monetary Policy vs Finance vs Economy ...

and a more recent Post about the same issue ...
Different things require a different apporoach ...
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How and to what extent have the (QE) Quantitative Easing programs and other "printing money programs ", been influencing and Damaging the economy, since the 90's !?
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The international support and bailout programs haven't been design accordingly to the economy's and the challenges of each individual country!

However, even though some problems have been identified, not all of them were addressed, due to, mainly lack of trust and integration, and also due to the focus and the strength of the ongoing international crises.

Because of this, some countries have more problems now, and different and more difficult challenges to face than they had some years ago.

Courage and work is needed to adjust the international programs to the solutions for the problems that they have to face. Just evaluating the results doesn't solve the problems. Action is needed...
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Is there any doubt concerning why some countries in Europe are facing a great amount of troubles...!?

Take a look at this graphic from the OECD Factbook 2011-2012

But also, in this graphic it is clear that many others will face the same problems. This happens because (if you look at other sources of information, you will see that) it is not only the Balance of Payments (in this case BOP - in percentage of the GDP) that have been negative over the years, but also, they have been decreasing their Savings, increasing their Debt, and persistently, doing a bad management of their Budget, creating and accumulating deficits. Several countries around the world are in that same situation, and they haven't yet started to face their own problems, in order to prevent an even greater disaster (both financial and economic).

Persisting in creating and launching several stimulus programs while the economy remains unbalanced, will only create a reversed effect, called Reversed Sustainability (more on this concept on the previous post)  

Note: This Graphic belongs to the OECD Factbook 2012
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This graphic belongs to the OECD Factbook 2011-2012
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An ECON Project Initiative

"Economics - The Power of Numbers"

The motivation to build this Community is related with the way Economic Data have been used and presented, not allowing correct assessments to be made by those with the right to choose.

We (The people, Mankind, a Nation, a Community...) have the right to be informed and to receive data that is clearly understandable and simple to use by all of us, enabling the assessments that have to be made, in such a way, that they will be done in the right way, using the right tools, providing and allowing economic information to be comparable with other alternatives. Then, empowered with the responsibility to choose the way we want to be governed, whom should be elected, what do they need to do and what are the best options to manage the country/state/industry/region, we will be able to act in our best interest.
Economic information and Growth Rates in particular have been presented over the years (either by some governments or by some media) in a specific way, promoting the idea of healthy economies and as a sign of solid Financial Statements, creating the illusion that good governance or good management aren't that important or needed, as long as the results ( in a specific moment of time, usually a very short one) are in line with the opinion in the mainstream.

This sometimes clouded information, is responsible for worsen the perception and the resolution of the real crises.
Is the available economic data somehow unclear? - No! 
Then...why aren't these crises foreseeable? - Because we don't pay enough attention to numbers! If we look at them from the right perspective, they can "speak" enough to inform us.

This is an information Project that is being presented through this Google © Page ©.

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