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Opera LED Face Mask is a revolutionary product to treat skin conditions. LED Light Therapy is a clinically proven, painless, non-invasive treatment which targets a wide variety of skin conditions by using specific colour wavelengths of light to penetrate the skin at varying depths. The LED Light Therapy emits non visible Infra-Red Light, Visible Red & Blue Light & the option of Galvanic Current. #operamask #facials #skin #skincare #acne

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Looking to Buy the amazing OPERA LED FACE MASK ? Here is a little information for you.

RED MODE - Red LED light causes a skin rejuvenation effect by stimulating collagen and elastin production which promotes cellular repair and increased circulation which leads to younger, firmer looking skin.

BLUE MODE - Blue LED light has anti-bacterial properties, these properties result in the destruction of bacteria such as those that cause ACNE. The Blue light also helps to purify the skin, stabilize oil secreting glands and calm inflammation.

PINK MODE - Combination of Red & Blue LED light helps to penetrate deep into the skin layers leading to increases blood flow. The increase of blood flow bring elevated levels of oxygen and nutrients to face whilst at the same time combating the signs of Ageing, replenishing the dermal and epidermal cells and helps to speed up the skins healing process #opera #beauty #skin #treatments #skincare #led #lighttherapy #ledtherapy #operamask #ledmask #facials

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Vicky had a treatment with the Opera LED Mask and she had to say...

"I had an amazing and unusual facial today... My skin feels amazing and I'm glowing.. I had Dermaplanning followed by red light therapy. I struggle with pigmentation so this treatment was perfect for me. This is me with my mask on.. it looks horrible but it wasn't uncomfortable.. was well worth it for the results. Wow!"

The #OperaMask is the original 4D LED mask and a reputable, leading, worldwide brand. The state of the art LED technology used within the Opera Mask is scientifically proven to rejuvenate the skin by achieving specific wavelengths of LED light exposure. #mask #facemask #beauty #skin #led #light #therapy #opera

You can Buy the amazing Opera LED Face Mask from Fox Clinic Wholesale UK
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