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Este post marca o inicio de uma série de posts que farei com conteúdo menos voltado a programação e mais voltado a matemática, física, elétrica/eletrônica e outros assuntos relacionados ao curso de Engenharia Elétrica que estou fazendo. Ao contrario do que ...

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Hey guys, just pushed a module to generate random strings at

If you have another random-related function just pull request me at github :)

+Google if you don't want Google Reader that's ok, bussinesses needs products that makes money, but please, I beg you: Open Source it (or the most part you can) so I don't need to write one from scratch.

I know there is already other people making google reader-like products, but let's recycle, let's be green, instead of just throwing Reader into the garbage recycle it, thousands of people would want get it running, even if just in a home environment for himself.

I`ve been using Google Reader since 2008, so please, let me be able to continue using Reader even if it needs to be running in a VM under my notebook.

Damn, how I hate write public posts... 

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Rafael Sierra hung out. <a class='ot-hashtag' href=''>#hangoutsonair</a>

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