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So I wanted to ask if anyone has a studio set up with your A7 my husband is looking into flash but is having a difficult time finding wireless transmitters that work with Sony that do not break the bank. Any ideas?

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Some pictures that my husband took this past weekend with is new A7. I need to make sure he becomes part of the community.
After years of saving and scrimping I finally have gone full frame. My new Sony A7 is the last piece in the puzzle. Now I have to revisit every place I have ever been to and retake all my old pictures. Here is a sampling. I took a stock image of my daughter and I did some HDRs of my car... because I'm vain like that. 
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Hello Everyone, I am hoping to get some help and advise for my husband. He loves is NEX 7 camera but he is getting some noise issues in low light HDR. He wants to upgrade to the A7 which I am ok with. My questions is if he is going to do lower light photography should he get the A7r. My second question is should he get the kit lens or should he put the money towards the 35 mm. Thank you in advance to all the help.

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Some Great Pictures my husband took of Aliya about a week ago, really loved how they turned out.
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Has anyone done any research on the new Kindle Fire's. I want to get one for our 5 year old daughter so we can keep our Nexus 7's. I would get another Nexus 7 for her but Kindle has been getting all the contracts to Disney and Nick and I like the Free time feature. I am just trying to decide if it is worth it to spend $60 more for the HDX. I just can not see kids games being that processor intensive.

Hello Everyone, I need help finding a good link. I have a facebook friend that posted an article concerning the hazards of HepB vaccine from vactruth (I know the site is rubbish). I promised him that I would find some better links. Does anyone have some good places to start. I usually use the skeptics guide to the universe but I need something that is a little better at explaining.

I just had a quick question and I was wondering if anyone have had issues with the HTC one having odd issues. I am replacing my HTC 1S tonight and I am going back and forth between the Galxay S4 and the HTC one. My HTC 1S is only a year old but I got to replace it because it has been having issues with switching from WiFi to Towers and the power button is starting to go, and I am lucky to get 6 hours out of the battery. I prefer the size and function of the HTC 1 but I am afraid that I am going to have similar issues in a year.

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I live in Mesa right?
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