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Copy your files faster and more reliable
Copy your files faster and more reliable

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Version 3.1

– Added: Multi-language support.
– Added: Show all options in File Replace dialog.
– Fixed: ‘Keep both’ now applies to one file only.
– Added: ‘Close panels’ command.
– Fixed: crash while scrolling log.

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Version 3.0.8

- "Clear Transfer History" menu item.
- Closing application while copying.
- Fixed: drag and Drop from 7-Zip and Filezilla causes 'Unable to Access' error.
- Fixed: TeraCopy does not handle command line as expected.
- Fixed: active area of close buttons.


Version 3.0

- Improved destination file dialog
- Pinnable expanded views
- Fixed: Error in overlapped reading
- Fixed: Drag and Drop from 7-Zip File Manager causes Unable to Access error
- Fixed: Checksum file saved in the wrong path
- Fixed: When started after install, an error occurs.
- Fixed: Crash at the end of each copy
- Fixed: No checksum verification when moving files


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Version 3.0 RC 2

- Handle copy/paste from a virtual machine
- Fixed "EListError: Duplicates not allowed" error
- Incorrect icons display on 125% scaling level
- Replace mode options in the main panel
- Keep Windows from entering Sleep Mode during transfer
- Show a popup menu with folders structure in Replace dialog
- Faster Hash Algorithm: xxHash
- Auto-scroll file list during transfer
- Create shadow copy only once
- Fixed: Freeze when moving files
- Menu button added

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Our issue tracking system is just opened at Please submit discovered bugs and feature requests with this system. Now it should be easier to follow the development progress. You can also ‘monitor’ resolution of specific issues you’re interested in.

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Replace mode is back on the main screen, as many of you are requested. 
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Version 3 RC:

- Large progress bar.
- Faster small files transfer.
- Starting waiting tasks in correct order.
- Regular deletion of old file lists to save disk space.
- Bugfixes.

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Large progress bar, currently in development. Features:
- Speed graph
- Different colors for skipped and failed files
- Circular progress bar for current file

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Version 3 beta 2

- Faster Logical to physical disk mapping.
- Mapped network drives detection.
- Notifications fix.
- Delete R/O files on replace.
- Add entire drive to file list.
- Quote comma in csv reports, export folders.
- File date discrepancy increased to 2 sec.
- Better completed state icon.
- Smoother scrolling with touchpad.
- Other bugfixes.

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