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Why I send them to camp
Alex, I’m
feeling a bit emotional writing you a “welcome to camp” note for this
summer.  I think it’s because I am 100%
sure that you don’t need one from me to reassure you that you will have an epic
summer.  And also, because a tiny part of
me worries...

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Alex becomes bar mitzvah
Shabbat Shalom.  Thank you all for sharing with us today as we watched Alex become a bar mitzvah.  The thing that I’m sure you’ve heard a lot of parents talk about is how proud they are of their bar mitzvah child.  I wrote this speech before today and in ad...

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Silver lining
Dear Alex and Avery, It's hard to find the silver lining in our household tonight because your dad is REALLY angry with Alex for both not doing/handing in a bunch of homework assignments and for lying to us about it. But even with all the tears this evening...

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The girl who will change the world - Avery turns nine!
Dear Avery, It's 9:30 a.m. on your birthday.  You went to sleep late last night after hosting 16 (!) girls for your birthday party.  And still at 9:30, you have already opened 16 gifts, run a 5K and are happily playing away at a friend's house before you he...

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Avery says....
Dear Avery, I just said to you, I like your hair when it's parted on the side. Your response to me in a rather sultry voice for an almost nine year old and with a toss of your hair over your shoulder, "I woke up like this." I hope you always keep that confi...

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For posterity
Dear Avery, This is everything. Love, Mama

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A teenager? That's so lit!
Dear Alex, Today you turn thirteen.  Thirteen!!!!  How and when did you become an official teenager!?!?!?  I know it's cliche, but it really does go by quickly...the days are long, the years are short, and all that. As has become tradition when you have com...

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Epic Embarassment
Dear Avery, Last night you went to dinner at the Glen Rock Inn and were joined by me, Daddy, Alex and Auntie Dawn.  You are nearly nine years old (just to give some context to the story if you ever read this years from now).  It was Saturday, which meant th...

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Gen Z
Dear Alex, Sometimes I don't even realize how the world has changed until you point it out to me in the most direct way. It's snowing today and we are all in the house for a snow day.  Of course, your dad and I are working because in the modern world there ...

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And now for this brief interruption from living with pre-teenage angst...
Dear Alex, I am alternately angry with and proud of you at any given point during your seventh grade, 12, almost 13 years old year. It is a tumultuous year filled with growth and change and there is an enormous amount of demands being put on you as you stud...
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