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Shooting Alaska, one day at a time...
Shooting Alaska, one day at a time...
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I definitely agree with +Rick Sammon , this is an awesomely well constructed video to fall in love with! I wonder if they've met Hall & Oats from doing this video?
A favorite music video!

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#howiwatchtnt Editing Photos In Candle Light!

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It's nice to have friends to give you a different perspective on things and help open your eyes!👍👍
It's Get Motivated Monday.  Need some motivation? Check out my new e-book:

#motivation #inspiration #selfhelp  

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This seems to be the underlining words that I continually hear on all the entrepreneur podcasts that I listen to lately! Great words of advice from great people!
Here is a short homily about making the time to do something.

Way back in 1979 I was the editor of Studio Photography magazine. Great fun.

One day, my boss, Mr. Rudolph Maschke, told me to do something.

I said, “I am sorry, Mr. Maschke, I don’t have the time.”

He asked, “Mr. Sammon, who is the most beautiful girl in the world?”

I replied, “Jacklyn Smith,” who was recently featured on our cover.

He said, “Mr. Sammon, if she called you up and invited you to lunch, would you jump on your motorcycle and go?”

I quickly said, “Sure!”

He said, “Get to work, Mr. Sammon.”

His message: If you really want to do something, you’ll find the time. I agree.

Here is something else about time: There is never enough time to get it right, but always enough time to do it over.

Explore the Light,

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Hey this is a little video I put together in iMovie Mobile the other day! iOS 8 update has timelapse in the camera app that can add crazy fun!

This past week we had the Fur Rendezvous, Iditarod Dog Sled Race and not to forget Running With the Reindeer! 

If you're looking for some big-time outdoor fishing adventures that take you to the remote places of Alaska you should check out this documentary!
Cast Alaska the Movie

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Chris Fenwick and Ron Dawson are keeping it real bringing the discussion about Final Cut Pro X to the masses! The good the bad and ugly and being honest in the possibilities and new directions one can explore!
I posted a new episode of FCPX Grill last night with Ron Dawson . We discuss workflow and backup strategies.

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I Love Value Village! I've found some Cool Photo Vests & Gear here!

Check Out +Scott Kelby 's World Wide Photo Walk! Oct. 5th
(Anchorage, Alaska)
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