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Scott Zadig
Environmental Engineer, Georgia Tech Grad, & DJ/Musician
Environmental Engineer, Georgia Tech Grad, & DJ/Musician

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I haven't logged in in months... anyways, I've been enjoying Christmas time at home. good stuff!

long time no see google+. not much seems to be happening on here on anymore.. bummer

successful jam session with the band today! looking forward to our new music and future gigs!

got a new wireless keyboard and trackpad for my mac! looking forward to my new apartment setup for the fall!

my boss told me I could intern again next summer! i'm pretty stoked. gotta love having some job security!

got one more week of week! just gotta push through it

i want this week to end. it has been such a draaaaaaaaag

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Braves Game (7/29/11) (30 photos)
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hitting up the braves game tonight!
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