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Microsoft says older Windows versions will face greatest performance hits after Meltdown, Spectre patches By Zack Whittaker for Zero Day
Microsoft has confirmed that users of older versions of Windows
should expect to "notice a decrease in system performance" after they
apply system patches to protect against the Meltdown and Spectre
processor bugs. The bugs, which affect mostly Intel pro...

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20 amazing things you didn't know Google photos could do By Amanda Kooser,
You take a lot of pictures and they all have to go somewhere, so you
store them in Google Photos. You use it as an archive to back your snaps
up to the cloud. Maybe you search it from time to time or use it to
share a photo with friends. If that’s all yo...

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Grab these new Apple updates now to protect you from the Spectre chip flaw! By Francis Navarro,
By now, you've probably heard about the two critical flaws that are affecting virtually every processing chip made in the last two decades. The flaws, dubbed  Meltdown and Spectre , are in  all  computer processors including home computers, mobile devices, ...

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How to stop the capital 'I' from turning into gibberish on your iPhone By Michael Simon
From the Department of Really Strange and Mystical Bugs comes this:
Some iPhone users running the latest version of iOS 11 can’t type a
capital “I.” That means that millions of people who were trying to text
their friends, “I got my new iPhone X!!” over ...

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When to buy SD, HD or UHD streaming movies and TV shows By Francis Navarro,
With Apple finally embracing 4K movies with the new Apple TV, you are
probably wondering, "What's the big deal?" You've been hearing the
4K/UHD buzzword for years now but maybe you weren't really paying
attention since it all sounded like marketing mumbo...

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Best Laptops of 2017: Budget PCs, 2-In-1s, Ultrabooks, And More
Best Laptops of 2017: Budget PCs, 2-In-1s, Ultrabooks, And More by Carl Thorne on Scribd

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Smart Phone Comparison Chart by Carl Thorne on Scribd

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The $50 Google Home Mini vs. the $50 Amazon Echo Dot—who wins? by David Pogue
Ever since Amazon ( AMZN ) created the Amazon Echo , the “Siri for the home” voice assistant, every company and its brother has rushed to come up with one almost exactly like it. Take, for example, the Amazon Echo Dot .
Like the full-size Echo, it responds...

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Best 4K TV on a budget By Kevin Downey,
At the top of almost everyone's Christmas list is a TV. That is
especially true for sports fans, movie buffs and binge-watching TV
viewers. Of course, these days prices for TV sets are soaring. You can easily pay thousands of dollars for the latest, great...

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How to Set Background App Refreesh to WiFi only with iOS11 on iPhone by iPhoneLife
Background App Refresh IOS 11 by Carl Thorne on Scribd
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