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Current shop layout on left, future shop layout on right. Now with color!
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You might want to try to put the jointer beside the table saw. This is a real common configuration and it might give you some more clear floor space.
What Bartee says ... my shop has a similar configuration and I have the jointer parallel to, and very close to the lumber rack, which is often the first machining step for wood coming off the lumber rack any way. YMMV.
Agree with +Bartee Lamar and +Karl Caillouet and would suggest leaving the work bench in the open area of the floor. I always end up working on all four sides of the bench.
And I would put the planer on a mobile base and hide it away until you actually need to use it.
Also you are leaving your clamps on the far wall from the workbench.
The problem with the jointer next to the table saw is that he heights don't match up -- the height of my table saw is about mid-way up the fence for the jointer. So if I'm planing some sheet goods, or crosscutting a board longer that a couple of feet, I'll be bumping into the fence on the jointer. So I figured I'd just get it out of the way and pairing it up with the planer works great since they go hand-in-hand.
Leon - I'm trying out the Chris Schwarz method with my bench. His style is to place it against a wall (and hopefully a window with lots of light) and then just pulling it away from the wall in the rare cases when he needs to get to the other side. I'm going to try it out for a while!
Bartee - right now that's my only available wall (for the clamps)'s not ideal but it becomes too annoying I'll see about relocating.
I am no better off. I have clamps in 3 locations in the shop, so I walk around a lot !!! I completely understand.
I moved my old workbench against the wall when I moved the shop back to my home premises about six months ago. I mostly like the concept, but I still get a nagging feeling that it would be better away from the wall.
Hey +Rob Cameron a shop like yours with no walls or roof should get plenty of light! ;~)
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