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I've been going to my local Crossfit gym for over a year, and wanted to get a workout or two in while on vacation. Using the Ketchikan Crossfit website, I was able to contact Kevin easily, and signed up on the reservation website. I ended up getting in four WODs in the week and a half I was there, and I had a great time. Kevin knows his stuff and was a great motivator. The only downside was the small size (about the size of a 2 car garage), which limits class size, equipment, and can make some movements cramped. I'm used to my regular place, which is over 9,000 square feet, but I understand the laws of economics and that a region with about 10,000 people probably can't support a larger space for now. Even working out in a relatively cramped space, I had fun and the workouts kicked my butt. I will be back whenever I'm in town for vacation.
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PROS: saved between $2500-4000 by buying used, comes with 3 year parts/labor warranty, I learned a lot about hot tubs and what features to look for, installation crew was friendly and did a good job, came with a cover, cover-lift, steps and chemicals and the tub itself works great. CONS: inventory is unpredictable, we had a scheduling issue that was frustrating (this was an issue specific to my purchase, but once the installation was scheduled, the crew was on-time and skilled), initially quoted about $1500 less based on the brand/model we wanted, but told a higher price when one was available (said it was newer than the others and in a "desirable" color). I still saved a lot over new, but the higher price quote seemed shady. I ended up spending more than I was planning on, but I did get a top quality Jacuzzi and saved thousands of dollars.
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My favorite in town. I love Albina Press, Barista, Coava, Extracto, Stumptown, Heart and Crema, but RR is my go-to. Great cappuccinos, friendly staff and a gorgeous space.
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They do a fantastic job of espresso, and I find the staff friendly, if a bit aloof. I haven't had any luck using their beans as it's generally a little lighter roast than I'm used to and espresso comes out way too bright.
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