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Ian Sherk
Conceptologist, Search Markenator
Conceptologist, Search Markenator

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A nice short video from Google outlining some good practices for managing AdWords accounts in an agency setting. Enjoy the next 16 mins : )
Optimizing AdWords accounts (for agencies)

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Search is under integrated, and yes I am just as guilty as the very worst. SEM efforts are often segregated from the family that is the marketing mix. The synergistic relationship that could be, often times, never is.
I recall Sean Hickey emphasizing the value of SEM/marketing mix integration at Eastern's Search Marketing Workshop. This post I just read helped put the under-tapped importance of a coordinated digital marketing effort.

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I would "(FB) Like" a good AdWords Quality Score, I would.

But I will save my "+1" for a good Quality Score algorithm. Since its belated birth in August 2005 on through to present day, the AdWords Quality Score has morphed into a wizard. I can only assume it is a wizard as Google won't confirm or deny it. Regardless, Mr. Potter compiles and processes untold amounts of data in real time and hands us palatable number. Many thanks Mountain View.

Step 1: Learn as many factors as you can and optimize accordingly within your scope of control.

Step 5.3: Profits

Read more about known factors involved in Quality Scores below. Its fairly comprehensive and an easy read.
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