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public guardian, merrill gardens, probate court
public guardian, merrill gardens, probate court
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Union Tribune writer, Fred Dickey is now quoting

"A kinsman, the late poet laureate James Dickey", wrote:

More kindness, dear Lord

That is where it all has to start:

With the simplest things.

More kindness will

save every one of us.

Ok, Fred, how about showing some kindness by returning the money that you unlawfully took from our Dad when he lacked normal mental capacity and was unaware of what you did? How about $35,000? You never declared that as income on your taxes...took it under the table and off the record.

This quote is so not you is laughable coming from you. Keep up the charade. 

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If you want to sell your house in Cardiff, call Union Tribune writer Fred Dickey. He charges the elderly without full mental capacity $2,000 per day for his services and you also pay for a listing agent and buyers agent. That is what he did to our elderly Dad and refuses to return the money. He lives in a million dollar home he can't pay for writing hokey Union Tribune articles so he has to get money somehow. Fred Dickey says every life is an adventure. Our Dad's was a trip to hell. Thanks Fred

Law Offices Rovner Allen Rovner Zimmerman & Nash...I do not know these reviewers btw...

1.0 star rating 9/3/2016
Where do I begin...Six years ago the firm agreed to handle a lawsuit. I got switched to multiple attorneys who never returned my phone calls. The last contact I had with the last assigned attorney was 2 years ago. I made many efforts to call, he had my number and I received no follow up calls. There was one call made to my phone where my phone rang once from the firm but no voice mail, no reason to believe it was that they dialed the wrong number as I couldn't even answer the call. I was in disbelief when my mother informed me today that a piece of mail came to her home from the firm saying they had made many attempts to contact me. Ridiculous! Needless to say, I missed a hearing for yesterday where it would get dismissed...Really, im appalled! In the past 3 years I have not heard from them one time and my phone number has not changed! Six years of hope and promises and now hell! You didn't try that hard to reach me. I have the same email address too!!!!!

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Put Fred Dickey, Union Tribune writer and homeless in a search engine (google) and you will find all kinds of articles Dickey of Cardiff, California has written about the homeless in San Diego. He has not written about the daughters of Clarence Landis, his former neighbor, who he stole money from , and how this loss and other actions devastated their family. Dickey was unemployed at the time and his wife had quit working...Clarence Landis, an elderly man with reduced mental capacity at the time was easy pickings for Fred Dickey. To this day, Dickey refuses to return the money, leaving family of Clarence Landis homeless...a story he never writes about.

Photos below...on the right is the Fred Dickey pre Union Tribune unemployed writer who took over $30,000 from elderly Clarence Landis. When daughter of Clarence went to ask Dickey about this, he punched her in the face dislocating her jaw and chipping, loosening (later fell out) teeth (photo on the left)...police report created after they were called. Dickey had friends at the Sheriff station he later stated (a watch captain) that dropped the investigation mysteriously. After taking the money, Dickey (second photo from left) got his rotted teeth fixed up...the daughter still has missing teeth.

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Union Tribune writer needs to investigate before he writes his stories or tells his stories for the Tribune and in life. Takes a criminal to know one...

Here he writes about a convicted child molester...the real reason for people not befriending him...

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About Fred Dickey, writer for Union Tribune, the guy who financially abused our elderly father to the tune of $30,000. Still asking him to give back the money, but he is too busy spending it on cruises with his wife and world travels. He owns a million dollar home with his second wife and a second home...maybe more...I am losing my house and my sister is homeless, but he will not return what he stole.

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