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Band of blades, page 30: "the cinder king appears: The Cinder King gains a nine-pointed crown of True Fire and emerges in the west. He uses
powerful sorceries to slay a city and build his first army.
page 38: "At the center of Dar is a basalt throne, which once had a ten pointed crown of True Fire flooating above it."
I have a strange feeling this is not a typo 0_O
maybe he is the tenth point of his crown?
or got Chosen by it?
is there any connection to the "unheard-of nine Chosen" that rose to oppose him?
or maybe there is some connection to the living god?
there is something fishy with the number nine in this setting.from Render's handout - "The Living God of the Zemyati ages ago created nine Chosen, and unlike the Chosen of other gods they've never burnt out or faded, only dying when called to their task." maybe the cinder king is the tenth chosen of the living god?
from Zora's handout:"Zora, however, did not end. She broke Dar long ago, and ended the Godwar using some terrifying magic". so, maybe the Cinder king is a Darian, chosen by the living god and fucking hate him now because of the whole cataclysm thing?
if the campaign we have in YouTube is a sort of Word of God source, the Cinder King have something personal against some forest. but it was the cursed forest of the weird forest folks, not the Zemyati's place with the weird-ancestral-blood-ritual-trees, so maybe it's a point against the living god chosen theory. maybe he just hate trees.
anyway, feel free to post wild speculation :)

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I've long awaited for Michael Duxbury from Roll Plus Hot to review Blades, because his reviews are fantastic. Now he did, enjoy.

I'm new here. Both godbound and SWN are really cool, and I'll probably run one of them this year (godbound is probably the best exalted system I've seen, I want to play a god-architect that can build cities overnight SO MUCH). but one thing I have problem with in godbound is the reverse AC thing. I've started rolplaying with third edition, and adding armor to the attack is really unintuitive for me. is there some conversion table from the current one to your-target-number-is-the-enemy's-armor one? same for the ability checks.

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found that random generator on the Stars Without Number G+ community. its just perfect for Scum & Villainy idea, take a look:

me: “What does the ritual do and how is it weird?”
whisper: "The ritual massively increases the impact that a particular person's death will have on the ghost field - whatever emotion they're feeling when they die, it'll affect the ghost field as if a hundred people died feeling that emotion. It's weird because, as long as ritual is in effect, the subject will gain increasingly intense visions of their own death."
whisper: “What must I do to perform the ritual, and what is its price?”
me: "To perform the ritual, you need to eat hundred living deathseeker crows while chanting your goddess’ hundred names. Then, you need to cut out your own stomach, stich it with the crows inside, and bath it in the blood of one you truly love. The stomach you need to bury in a place you’ve conducted a massacre while whispering softly the name of the person you want to die."
me “What new belief or fear does knowledge of this ritual and its attendant occult forces instill in you?”
whisper: "Man, exploiting metaphysical laws is hard!"

How is the website going? it will include a quickstart, right?
I'm trying to convince more folks to run Blades games in an upcoming con, and I find myself in need of quickstart I can legally handle to someone that want to give the game a try before deciding to buy it.
I mean, he rule reference is good, but it is too thin for someone to actually grap and run a game with.

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My players just got one of them engaged to a minor noble for political reasons. the catch - said player wasn't there. He is going to find out he is engaged when the bride will swing the lair's door and demand to know if they are the ones who burned down the local church (they where) and where her dear vampire groom is (right here, say hey!)

Brainstorm - why the lightning walls of the empire's capital went out and where is the fucking immortal emperor?

Lately, I felt like my campaign is having a minor existential crisis - the characters got almost too powerful to touch, they've destroyed their enemies and accomplished most of their goals, and now they mostly just strolling around in undead hedonism and doing mad experiments. It's fun, but not like it used to be.

So, naturally​, I've initiated the end of the world:
In the end of last session they heard the news - the capital is down, the Emperor is missing, and the highest ranking persona in the Empire is on his way to duskvol with his pleasure cruise for a pre-arranged festival.

I'm delighted to say it worked like dark magic - they immediately decided to steal said person's soul, replace it with their dead slide's soul, and TAKE OVER THE SHATTERED WORLD. I love my players.

NOW: can you tell me, dear scoundrels, WHY did it happened? I don't know, and most of the rumors I've invented on the spot don't make any sense.
What happened to the capital? Where is the Emperor? How come the Last Cardinal and his pleasure cruise escaped the fall?

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Pact is the second story by Wildbow, the author better known for their superhero serial Worm. It’s a story of magic and monsters, of angels and demons and of magicians who can't lie and get caught in their ancestors’ diabolical plots. It’s really good, so we’ve written a Fate module to play in this world.
The following document includes a brief expository introduction to the world, the magic system, the rules of karma, some more magic and a bestiary. Our aim is that you shouldn’t need to read the story to enjoy the system.
The document IS quite long, but the most important part is the magic system, "The Practice". It's based on the Three Rocketeers aspect-counting system, but applied only to magic, and with some twists to make it fit the world better.

+Joseph Kalman
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