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Japan Gachapon Cat pattern Oven Baking Set
We love cute cat! So do Gachapon is. Japan Gachapon vending machine released a lovely miniature cat pattern oven baking set. You can use it to bake a takoyaki octopus ball dish, and onigiri. Japan Gachapon Cat Baking Set Japan Gachapon Cat Baking Tools Japa...

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Sakura Flavoured Red Bull
A pink and silver can released from 16 February! Here it is a sakura flavoured energy drink for you when you are enjoying the cherry blossom season in Japan. Red Bull shows us a wonderful world-first flavoured to celebrate the awesome season which important...

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Japan Cat Pattern Bottle Cap Opener
You probably have a lovely cat, A brand from Japan is telling you that now you can have a cat pattern bottle cap opener! This opener has two type of colours: black and white. It totally easy-to-use for ladies, and now can drink the water conveniently and fa...

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I Want a Pony
Another buzz be created around Tokyo. The iconic Hasbro brand, My Little Pony has partnered with a leading restaurant in Sunday Jam, Japan. Pancake, bread, coffee, ice cream etc which can be found in this wonderful cafe. Sunday Jam, Japan window display of ...

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Transform the Pen, be a Transformer!
Have you ever watch the Transformers movie or anime? How was it? Japan Sentinel launched Transformer pen which really can be transformed! transformer pattern model transformer pattern model posing transformer convoy pen transformer pattern black model trans...

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The Most Cutest Characters' Bentos
Singapore-based mother-of-two, Li Ming prepares incredibly creative lunches for her sons, Ivan and Lucas. Its feature all the cartoon and comic book characters which kid could dream of. Included Hello Kitty, Mario, Spiderman, Mickey Mouse, and Totoro. hello...

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Japan Hide-and-Seek Kitty Candies
A cat plays hide-and-seek with you! Japan Felissimo is providing fortune cookies with a cat hiding in the cookies, named Dagashi Nyanko  Kakurenbo or Hide-and Seek Kitty Candies. It is a wrapped crispy senbei rice cracker, in triangle shape, usually it is f...

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Kentucky Fried Chicken All-You-Can-Eat Restaurant in Japan
Kentucky Fried Chicken opened all-you-can-eat restaurant! At Lalaport Expo City, Japan. Surprisingly, there are more than fried chicken, providing pastas, soups, sweets, breads, and even all-you-can-drink beer. restaurant ambience restaurant's corner restau...

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Train-Onigiri, Take This Ride!
Take a train is usual activity for us, how about making a train-shaped nigiri?! This train pattern mold makes your dream comes true. We now can make a Japan onigiri (white rice which usually formed into shape and wrapped in nori) in train-look! train (densy...

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Little Sweater for the Mug
We need a sweater in winter. So do the mug in our house. Etsy shop owner Nawanowe, fulfilled our dream with these super cute "Mug sweater". mug sweater by Nawanowe There are several types of it, with little pockets and gloves, the mugs become lively just li...
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