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How is Android O working for your 6P? Got the update but did not installed it.

How is Android O working for your 6P? Got the update but did not installed it.

I am looking to replace my venerable Nexus 9. I love it's form factor (not too big not too snall) its cover with all its flaws. But the battery is killing my video is it is damn slow. I wish that Google did one because I loved getting Android updates. Suggestions?

Anybody can recommend areas in and around Montreal, Québec?

Hey, I am new to the group. I am looking for a plugin to manage a shopping cart without SQL with the ability to view the cart items and, ideally, the option to send the cart by email. Any thought? Tks.

I am looking for a jQuery plugin that would allow me to

a) add items to a cart
b) send the cart via email

I have tried simpleCart.js but I can not make it work. Any others out there?

No SQL please. Or is that impossible otherwise?


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Business and ... sexy.

Wow. This app could be it. Is there a way to save a Flow as a launcher icon? This would enable to start the Flow without opening the Automate app. Tx

I have installed Nougat on my N9. Lost about 20% battery life, somewhat slower because of the higher memory usage and some crashes. But all in all slower.

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Just got the notification that Nougat is available. Should I do it?
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Yes. No issues at all.
Yes, but a few bugs persist.
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