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Sophie's Short Stories

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This counts as one of my shortest, short stories, it's a drabble, 100 words of fiction inspired by The Stein and Candle Detective Agency books. :)
I could not NOT join the FB3X Drabble Cascade, since it was my idea, so, here's my drabble for your enjoyment - it's Stein and Candle Detective Agency Fanfic ;) It's a little character piece and I hope you like it.
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Sophie's Short Stories

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Bonds of Fire has finally been price matched to FREE on Amazon US (still working on Amazon UK, so if anyone wants FREE Kindle in UK, check out smashwords:
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Sophie's Short Stories

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Wittegen Press originally shared:
A little something to get you in the Christmas Spirit

Christmas Poems by our author, Sophie Duncan.

Meet the battered old Christmas Fairy, or listen to a child's prayer on Christmas Eve; sympathise with a harried shopper, or think a while on the meaning of Christmas.

The 6 poems in this book were written to be read aloud as the last lesson at a Christmas Day service in a little, English church. They can be enjoyed by anyone from 8 to 80.

Just $0.99/£0.86/€0.99 on Kindle or multiple ebook formats on Smashwords.

Excerpt: Baby Boy

Baby boy, what are you?
A king, they say?
What king lies on a bed of straw
When silk, or the finest cotton
Should cradle a royal head?

Baby boy, what are you?
A Lord, they say?
What Lord breathes stink of ass and ox
Should only perfumes of jasmine
And sweet musk suffice?

Baby boy, what are you?
Saviour, they say?
Saviour in a humble stable,
Born beneath a holy star
A child and yet a king?

Lord of Light, Peace and Joy,
You are a Saviour,
Saviour of the World.
You are a lord,
O Lord of Love.
You are a king,
King of my heart.
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Sophie's Short Stories

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OUT TODAY: The Wittegen Press Giveaway Games Anthologies.

28 Stories, 8 Ebook Anthologies:
 - buy the full 28 stories in one volume for just $3.99/£1.55,
 - or pick and choose by author (14 stories per author for just $2.99/£1.92),
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Sophie's Short Stories

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The Mouse Trap, my e-short dip into a period crime drama with a side of F/F erotica, is now FREE on Amazon US.

Sorry to non-US folks, no price matching on Amazon UK yet, but we don't just publish there, you can still download it for FREE on:

- smashwords (many formats)
- Barnes and Noble (Nook)
- Diesel (epub)
- iTunes UK (iBook)
- iTunes US (iBook)
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Sophie's e-shorts that don't belong to other book series.
This is a place where I'll be promoting my short stories that are not related to any other series I am writing. These will be standalone eshorts.

Stop by my page for updates on:
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