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Megan Andelloux
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Megan Andelloux

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I think I have a strong curse turning my women against me! How can I break it?
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Megan Andelloux

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Hey there. I've been off G+ for a bit. Wasn't there drama way back, with G+ treating you badly (and maybe even suspending your account)? ... or am I imagining things?
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Megan Andelloux

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:) Thanks!
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Megan Andelloux

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I fuck u
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Megan Andelloux

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Rhode Island is on a path to becoming the 10th state to allow gay and lesbian couples to marry after a landmark vote in the state's Senate on Wednesday. The Senate passed gay marriage legislation by a...
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Fabulous, Megan!
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Megan Andelloux

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Hi Miss Megan! Long time! ;)
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Megan Andelloux

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I love your articles and talking about Beyonce's place in the world right now is awesome. If what you saw was a performer causing men (and women) across America commit the sin of lust in their hearts,...
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Smarts and Looks, to have a sex-bomb physical shell while not sacrificing the gray matter? Hmm... I must admit that that is a dichotomy for which so many fall victim to.

Very informative article, realizing that it should be perfectly fine for a person to show off their sexuality if they so desire, and that it doesn't has to serve as a substitute for their other talents.

There's only a small cynical part of me which is concerned on whether people really do this because they want to, or because they feel the social pressure to do so. Well, regardless of reason, that doesn't change the fact that it is wrong to judge others harshly if they show off their sexuality.
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Megan Andelloux

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I love the Desiree Alliance and I can't wait to attend!
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High Femme, Sexologist, Sexuality Educator, WASP
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