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My 85 f1.8 has shipped and I should get it on Thursday.
How cool is that?

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I bet it'll be great for long portrait shots
On the cropped sensor of my D300 Yes, on my next camera (Full Frame) it will be a short telephoto or just about equivalent to a 50mm f1.8 on a APS-C sensor. Should be great.
I have a 85mm f2 that is a thing of beauty. There is some thing magical about that range and usability.
Azim M
Using Prime?
Na, havent quite decided to pull that one.. Might do it because of the nice discount when you sign up when I buy my D4 or D800 (Probably the D4) so I can save a buck.
Is this from the US store? My Amazon order states it willnot be delivered until March 11 through May 14. I pre-ordered on Jan 6.
It is through the US amazon site, I ordered it at 2 am on January 6 after I got home from work... I think it is the supply chain more than any thing that is effecting the shipment to other places. Looked like it started being shipped last thursday from other outlets.
Hmm. Amazon told me it was not released as of yet and my order still states such. I wonder how this happened?
Got it a couple of months back, it is a super lens. I really like it and am looking forward to the rumored 28mm f1.8 that should be announced next month.
Yes, I received mine from Amazon US around March 21st... Ordered on January 6th...
Does anyone have any knowledge of why it is so hard to find months after its release? Not yet released on Amazon, selling (rarely) on eBay for $150 above the retail price...I'm trying to get the d800 as well, and Nikon is frustrating me with how hard it has been to actually buy these things from them.
I think it is just supply and demand. Took months to get my lens...
Azim M
Manufacturing facilities are flooded.
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