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All these pro BBC puff pieces funded by special interest activists do not detract from the fact the BBC criminalises over 100,000 each year for not having a BBC license. This is a clear indicator of  just how many people despise the BBC; the BBC only catch a tiny fraction each year. 

The BBC is a self interest organisation which protects its own, such as the likes of Jimmy Saville.  It is also intent on empire building by trying to make it a  requirement to have a BBC license for "internet services"; the BBC admits there has been a massive rise in properties not requiring a BBC license under existing law because people are opting out of the BBC by using internet services for entertainment. These people should be allowed to continue to opt out. If the BBC wishes to put BBCi player behind a pay wall fine, but hands off our Internet Services.

The BBC is a multi-billion pound monolithic dinosaur that should have been consigned to the 20th Century not dragged into the 21st. The US produces some excellent programming despite not having an equivalent to the BBC. Also most programmes made for the BBC are in fact made by private companies. 
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