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So you have built (or are starting to build) a great platform where you share So you are posting your life.

Maybe it's fitness.
Maybe it's food.
Maybe it's nutrition.
Maybe it's mindset.
Maybe it's brands.
Maybe it is all the above?

Now what?
Are you trying to monetize off of google ads or other content marketing sites?


Let me share with you how I turned my daily posting of simply sharing my journey into a great income. Learn how to profit off what you LOVE doing rather than working for someone else and building someone else's empire.

My training starts Monday and there are only 2 spots left to work with me one on one. I share with you how I went from posting to being an elite coach in the top 1 % of the entire network.

It is easy if you live it! Let me show you how!
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Christi Silbaugh

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#Coffee is wonderful.
If I hadn't had cancer I would definitely be on the addiction wagon with everyone. I am NOT at all against coffee. My body and keeping it in an alkaline state is.

But it is SATURDAY! I love the weekend because I get to start my day with a cup. It's the little things y'all! Shhhhh... I might have two cups since I start my cleanse on Monday.

Cheers to Saturday. May your coffee be the perfect temperature, the perfect blend, at the perfect moment.

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Christi Silbaugh

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Healthier Mac and Cheese (vegan options)
So we found this great Quinoa pasta at Costco that is non-gmo and organic and the ingredients are: Quinoa.  Pretty amazing! So we gave it a shot.. and the verdict was... YUM! HIGHLY recommend.  So instead of making it horribly unhealthy and smothered in che...
So we found this great Quinoa pasta at Costco that is non-gmo and organic and the ingredients are: Quinoa. Pretty amazing! So we gave it a shot.. and the verdict was... YUM! HIGHLY recommend. So instead of making it ho...
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Christi Silbaugh

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you are never too
old to set another
goal or to dream
a new dream.
- C.S. Lewis
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Christi Silbaugh

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Oh how I love Mondays!
Even though most people dread them, I love them so much because sometimes it is that magic day that someone says: " I am ready to change my life.". Yep, Monday's have a sense of encouraging people to make a fresh start.
I am finishing up the last week of my health and fitness support group and prepping for the next one that starts on the 1st.
Are you ready to give it a shot?
This is great for you if ANY of the following apply:

- You know you need to make changes.
- You feel bloated and not so happy to get in a swimsuit.
- You are slowly put on weight over the years and know if you don't do something soon it is going to be too late.
- You struggle with headaches, brain fog, fatigue.
- You want to start having children.
- You struggle with bad food choices.
- You want to get healthier but struggle with bad choices.
- You could use some like minded friends to encourage you.
- You need help and guidance with what to eat and how much to eat.
- You are struggling with getting pregnant and/or are going through PCOS
- You have trouble getting away from the television.
- You have at least 10 lbs to lose...No limit on the amount. One of my clidnts has lost 126 pounds so far!
- You finally realize you are worth it.

I would love to hear from you. My email is I run support groups online, get you on the right path with your nutrition, Find a program that is FUN for you to push play and get 30 minutes of exercise a day, and me and the group help hold you accountable. I have met some of my best friends in these groups and this system is what has changed my life. Would love to help pay it forward and change your life too! So happy you are finally ready to make this your best life!
Happy Monday! You are LOVED!

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Christi Silbaugh

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Sharing how to make my healthy Chicken strips over on snapchat this evening.
#Snapchat csilbaugh

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Christi Silbaugh

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If you have not been following my best friend @PennyWade 's journey then stop and go do that right now. She is my inspiration and I thank God every single day that this job was brought into my life, because it ended up being the fitness and nutrition solution we both needed.

I am super excited because Penny has been inspiring so many people, and she is now ready to lead a group through the process we both have gone through. I am coming along for the ride to help out where needed and go through the journey with you guys too, because I AM and FOREVER will be on this journey.

So we have a group starting up right after the 4th of July. We will set you up with a program, meal plan, shopping list...We will check in each day, Encourage each other, give tips, recipes and have "REAL" talk about the struggle of showing up for ourselves.

We will have FUN and have prizes for those who participate. Because that is what helps encourage us!!! Don't try it alone. It is always easier together. As you can see, this support works wonders for us!!!

I have 2 spots left. Who wants to join us? Make this Summer your BEST summer!!!
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Christi Silbaugh

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I love pasta as much as anyone. I have learned to eat it in balance... and to choose a HEALTHIER pasta.
Found an awesome organic non-gmo quinoa elbow macaroni at costco that is naturally gluten-free and AMAZING. I just posted the recipe for a macaroni and cheese that is GOOD for you on my blog. Full of wholesome protein, but tastes like it is full of cream and butter. I LOVE to fool people with awesome taste. This one will fool anyone. My husband LOVED it.

Recipe is on my blog:
#Vegan options are posted as well. :)

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Christi Silbaugh

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Happy #InternationalYogaDay !!!
I am excited to celebrate #yoga today because it has changed my life so much.
When I first was recovering from the removal of my #Cancer tumors, the first thing I was allowed to do, was go to yoga for recovery. I had never been to yoga, I had to borrow a mat for the first class. I knew absolutely NOTHING about it, only that it was the first step in my recovery. I got a lot of crap for going from the christian world. Turns out a lot of them are not educated and thought I was worshiping buddha or chanting to Gods... or whatever crazy stuff they could make up in their minds. But I do have a mind of my own. I do have a relationship with Jesus on my own, and I definitely listen to that over the opinions of this world.

Yoga has taught me:

-I am enough.
-It is okay to be alone with myself and that I love myself.
-To be aware of others and love others whether they are like me or not.
-We are one and all have a purpose that is intertwined with one another.
-Yoga has taught me I can do way more than I ever imagined and I am stronger than I ever could believe.

It has taught me way more than just those things, but those are what stand out at the moment. If anything my relationship with Jesus is a thousand times stronger. Although it has taken away some relationships I have had because I no longer fit in the box that people had me in. I am grateful for that. I don't want people in my life who hate themselves enough to judge me for my life and how I am living it. That is their journey and something I have no control over. I choose to love them from afar because I know that is the stuff that causes cancer.

So today I CELEBRATE this amazing gift we have been given. I know it isn't for everyone, but for me it was most definitely the missing piece. I will forever live in gratitude for my practice and the time I have been given to explore it.

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Christi Silbaugh

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Today alone I have heard from so many people that they have been following me for over a YEAR thinking about joining but are SCARED they won't be successful. AKA afraid to fail. And I NEED to set the record straight. 
Here's how it works. The ONLY THING that I can guarantee is if you DONT START OR TRY it is 100% certain that you will not succeed. Did you hear me? 100% 
So maybe my message isn't clear and let me do just that! MY JOB and PASSION is to help women who find me and relate to me BECOME SUCCESSFUL with this platform. Like that's my full time job AND what wakes me up in the morning. 
I have failed so much in life, like A LOT but failure doesn't define you, It makes you grow and learn. Not trying means 100% you will not succeed. I don't know about you but I would MUCH rather say that I have given it my best shot than never have tried at all and say with REGRET! 
The absolute worst thing that can happen? You get a great workout in, meet some pretty incredible uplifting people and maybe change your entire life. 
So WHY have you been stopping yourself with imaginary walls ??!??? If you don't believe in you , how will anyone else ever have the chance! 
I'm here to help you, but you have to take the first step and reach out to me. I wait with open arms!
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Christi Silbaugh

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Happy #MeatlessMonday peeps!
Looking for something new and healthy for your barbeques?
Try this yummy #Barbecued Cauliflower Salad.

Some extra healthify it tips:
• Look for barbecue sauce that has an ingredient list that does not contain artificial sweeteners, additives, or preservatives. There are many brands on the market that are sweetened with small amounts of honey, maple syrup, or molasses.
• Use Smoky #Barbecue Sauce as a homemade alternative to store-bought barbecue sauce.

Barbecued Cauliflower Salad
Serves 2

½ medium cauliflower, cut into florets (or 3 cups florets)
½ tsp. olive oil
¼ cup barbecue sauce, reduced-sugar
3 cups coarsely chopped romaine lettuce
½ cup canned black beans, drained, rinsed
½ cup corn kernels
¼ medium red onion, chopped
1 medium carrot, shredded
¼ cupHealthy Greek Ranch Dressing (check my feed I posted it earlier)
½ medium avocado, sliced

1. Preheat oven to 350º F.
2. Place cauliflower on a large baking sheet.
3. Drizzle with oil. Toss to blend. Bake for 5 to 7 minutes.
4. Brush cauliflower evenly with barbeque sauce. Bake for an additional 3 to 4 minutes, or until tender-crisp. Set aside to cool.
5. Combine lettuce, beans, corn, onion, carrot, and Healthy Greek Ranch Dressing in a medium serving bowl; toss gently to blend.
6. Top with cool cauliflower and avocado. Serve immediately.

Follow me for more #recipes, tips and tricks to healthify your life.

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Christi Silbaugh

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You guys it is #TransformationTuesday and I just HAVE to share one of my ROCKSTAR coaches 21 day fix results! I am SO SO SO PROUD Of this girl!
Besides the OBVIOUS transformation, here is what she said she noticed when seeing these photos side by side:

•• I have to respect and love my body more, it just housed the most amazing gift I've ever been given.
•• I have lost FORTY ONE lbs in 4 months. After an emergent, and extremely difficult c-section. It took me 9 months to put this extra weight on and I only have 19 lbs to my goal. I should be freakin proud.
•• My physical appearance does not define me. Who I am will never change based on what size pants I wear. But what DOES matter, is my health.
•• My team and these programs have transformed my life in just a few short months. I've realized the only limitations I have, are the ones I set for myself. And I say no to limitations!🚫

How amazing is that. I am so full of #gratitude that I get to see these types of internal and external transformations daily. @_brigitte I am so proud of you!!! Thank you for being the change and helping inspire others.

What about you?
Ready for yours?
Would love to hear from you! 
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If you are serious about getting healthy and having a happy healthy life, no matter where you are on your journey, I can help! 

Please contact me today and let me work with you one on one. My services are free. Let me get you healthy and living the life you deserve!

Christi is a published Author of 3 books, Freelance Writer, 200 hour registerd yoga teacher with Yoga Alliance,  Nutrition and fitness coach, Activewear Brand Ambassador, Social media guru, Chef, Wife, Mother, Obsessive Animal Lover, and Galley Slave on her husbands sailboat. Originally from Oregon, this sun lover made her way to California to follow her passion for all things sunny. On any given day you will find her motivating others on their fitness and nutrition journey, cooking and writing for Cedar Fort Publishing, Activewear Magazine, Glam Media, Federated Media, 3 different blogs Mom, What’s For DinnerGourmet Cooking For Two, and Zero Calorie Life. You can find her books Gluten-Free is easy , Gourmet Cooking For Two and Nourish - The beginner's guide to eating healthy and staying fit at Amazon and Barnes and Noble.

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