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Christi Silbaugh
Perhaps no one will ever understand the love affair I have with a glass of wine and a gourmet meal.
Perhaps no one will ever understand the love affair I have with a glass of wine and a gourmet meal.


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Do you LOVE a good deal like me?!
Of Course you do!! I mean who doesn’t?! !
WELL, my team has got a HUGE one for you!!!!!
Maybe I’m going CRAZY...but I feel like Oprah…You get a deal! You get a deal! You get a deal! LOL!!!
Our team has NEVER done this before but sounds awesome, right???!
We have compiled all our most FAVORITE products and program packages and we are sharing SAVINGS with YOU!!
And if that isn’t enough.. There will be prize GIVEAWAYS throughout the day!! ! READY TO SAVEEEEE??
Just a few of the items that will be included in the sale:

🔅superfoods shakes (I call this stuff powdered gold)
🔅snack bars (best way ever to get my chocolate fix)
🔅pre-workout/post-workout (I call this #momjuice and could not live without it)
🔅detoxes and refreshes
🔅fitness programs (these have taken my workouts to a whole new level)
🔅shakes for kiddos!
🔅our nutrition ONLY program
Request to join the sale right here:
And let's have some fun and kick off the fall armed and prepared to crush those fitness goals before the holidays!!!
*For new and current customers / coaches ONLY. Must not be working with another coach! Msg me with ANY questions!
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Financial freedom for yoga and fitness professionals
The yoga industry is booming: it’s a $16 BILLION industry in the US alone…and growing every day. But if that’s true, then why are MOST yoga teachers struggling to make ends meet? You grind out class after class. You drive from studio to studio. If you’re da...
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Help in the kitchen for busy Momma's and working Women
Girl, I know. It is 5:30 and you have not even begun to think about what to make for dinner. You had all these healthy goals on Monday and here it is Friday and none of those goals were met. No time now... so you pour the pasta in the pan and pull out the c...
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Chicken fried cauliflower rice
Yes this recipe is keto friendly... no I don't follow a keto diet. I prefer eating for LIFE and that means BALANCED. I do not support the keto diet because I am a nutritionist and low-carbohydrate diets may increase your risk for kidney damage, osteoporosis...
Chicken fried cauliflower rice
Chicken fried cauliflower rice
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Have you tried Chiropractic care?
I have heard so many people say "they aren't really doctors!" which is so far from the truth! They have the same base education that doctors do, but they branch off to chiropractic to finish their degree. I can't rave enough about the progress I have had from chiropractic care.

Lately an old car accident injury reared its ugly head and I got back into the practice of going. My chiropractor asked me if I had been having trouble breathing. I replied yes emphatically. Often times I have to pause my hiit workouts to catch my breath, and that shouldn't happen because I am conditioned. I workout daily. He explained that my lungs could only work at 1/4 capacity because the nerves leading to and fro were pinched. Couple weeks into treatment and I was flying through my workouts with plenty of breath!

I go to @northparkchiropracic and they are AMAZING. So thorough. They will X-Ray you first to find out what the issue is. Then they will access what care can help with the issue. I believe PREVENTION is the best way ALWAYS. It is also the LEAST EXPENSIVE way. Self love starts with self care.
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New week... how come no new goals?
It is a new week again and I am seeing the regular complaining about Monday posts on social media. Everybody's workin' for the weekend. I gotta say guys... it confuses the crap out of me. The majority of your life should be spent LIVING and doing things you...
New week... how come no new goals?
New week... how come no new goals?
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It is Monday again and I am seeing the regular complaining about Monday posts on social media. Everybody's workin' for the weekend.

I gotta say guys... it confuses the crap out of me.

The majority of your life should be spent LIVING and doing things you LOVE not the other way around spending the majority at a job that is sucking the life out of you. I wouldn't be judging if you weren't complaining. If you love your job this isn't for you... it is for all of you that POST weekly about the monday dread. SMH!
All I can do is try to be the example and let you know that if you want a free life, you can have it. You just have to be willing to work on you, be coachable, and share the journey as you go!

Stop telling yourself you can't do it.... That is a lie.

I was 65 pounds overweight, recovering from 3 types of cancer when I decided to take charge of my life and instead of doing it quietly, I declared it publicly to hold me accountable. That is the decision that changed my life forever and I am looking to help others like me, that are truly ready, because when you are TRULY READY, you are willing to declare it, because you WANT accountability. Knowing my followers were watching, along with my community of people who were doing it with me was the game changer. I showed up, and continue to do so, because I may fail myself, but I will not fail someone else I committed to help. So you see... I am getting paid to save my life and the lives of others, and you can too.

This video is a compilation of our recent trip to Summit in Indianapolis. I can't help but think of what it would be like to have YOU there with us next year. Most of these faces I would never have met, but they had courage to take a chance, step up, get healthy, and SHARE IT!

What if they had said no?

These ladies are my family. They are what i look forward to when i open my eyes, they are what i think about when I am closing my eyes. We have big dreams and we know we will achieve them together. We come from all walks of life, are all shapes and sizes, and we are committed to helping one another succeed, and we want to help you too.

I can help you earn your free ticket to join us next year all while helping you get healthy, and earn a paycheck that helps you earn FREEDOM. Small daily steps compound and add up to a life of freedom if you are willing to do the work. For me it took giving up one TV show per day. For some it meant getting up earlier, or going to sleep later.

You have to decide which you hate more:

Giving up 8-10 hours of your life every day for someone else's dreams
Your excuses

My inbox is open to anyone who is ready to take charge of their future. You can DM me or email me at I am excited to hear your story and help you get to where you want to go.

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SEEKING: Daydreamers, business minded women who aren't afraid of hard work if it meant staying at home , working for themselves, focusing on health and fitness and financial independence WHILE LAUGHING with their GIRLFRIENDS along the way !
WANTED: Women who have been watching me, REALLLY curious about how the heck I got HERE from where I was. WOMAN who no longer want to answer to a boss, ASK for time off, working for someone else and to REALLY and TRULY make an IMPACT. WOMAN who want to work from HOME most days in PJ's from wherever but SOMETIMES get really dressed up and celebrate ourselves <3
THERE is ROOM for you here. Feeling the MOMENTUM after summit going INTO the biggest season of our careers , I wanna SHARE more about what I do with YOU ! Let me give you all the details about HOW to do what I do , WHERE to do what I do , WHAT the heck I do is!!
If you have ever thought about it NOW is the time. So hop on this train!
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it is #TransformationTuesday and today I am sharing with you my BEST friend of over 15 years @PennyWade because I got to be a part of her transformation through coaching.

Can I ask you a question?
Do you think the person on the left looks like a coach?
I ask because I hear all the time that people "couldn't possibly be ready to coach" because they haven't met their goals yet.


Coaching starts with first working on ourselves. If someone wants to coach, but thinks that they know it all already and doesn't need to have a coach... then they won't make a good coach.

Coaching duties:
Push play on your workout
Work on your nutrition 80% of the time and play the other 20%
Listen or read personal development at least 15 minutes per day
Recognize others that are making a difference
Invite others to do above list

Penny started with the first 3 duties and as the weight fell off and her personal growth grew... she started recognizing others doing the same, and when she saw her transformation... she could not help but start inviting others.

Penny is a LEADING coach on #TeamNourish because she started with herself first. If you are ready to start... start with coaching. You get behind the scenes with people like Penny and I. We link arms with you, we help you grow personally, physically and it ends up changing your life financially.

What if Penny had said she wasn't ready???? I am so thankful she did, now we get to be active together, travel together, live long lives together. That is what this is all about.

Are you ready to stop making excuses and get started now?

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Okay guys, I gotta set the record straight here...


First of all, all 3 of these are sweet potatoes. I have shared so many sweet potato pictures and people argue with me that they aren't because they are white... um... there are white sweet potatoes. They come in different colors, shapes and sizes.

Second of all,I have to burst your bubble if you think eating a bunch of sweet potatoes vs. a bunch of potatoes is healthier.

BOTH have healthy properties, but one is not necessarily better for you than the other. It was brought to my attention that everyone thought this the more and more clients I started helping... not to mention the coaches I hang around.

Here are some facts for you to chew on based on an average size potato vs. sweet potato:

A Potato is 67 Calories
A Sweet potato is 71 Calories

A Potato has 13 Carbs
A Sweet Potato has 14.1 Carbs

A Potato has 0.6 grams of sugar
A Sweet Potato has 5.6 grams of sugar

A Potato has 459 mg of Potassium
A Sweet Potato has 250 mg of Potassium

A Potato has 19.7 mg of Vitamin C
A Sweet Potato has 2.4 mg of Vitamin C

I am not at all sure where people started thinking sweet potatoes were healthier... I think because they are SLIGHTLY lower on the glycemic scale... but not by much... so if you want a potato ... by all means eat the potato. If you would rather... eat the sweet potato! They are both a healthy whole food when eaten with a healthy balanced diet.
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