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How self portraits 'selfie' were done in 1920s. Awesome :D
Selfie, 1920s style with photographers of the Byron Company getting together for a portrait on the roof of Marceau’s photography studio in NYC. Below is a photograph of some of them, featuring L-R: Uncle Joe Byron, Pirie MacDonald, Colonel Marceau, Pop Core, and Ben Falk. (weirdvintage)
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Trying to write in a different language. 
The l's look wobbly o(T-T)o

"Knowledge and skills can only be acquired by hard work - there are no short cuts."

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+Rashmi Pahuja My hand was getting wobbly that night. I think my posture in writing is wrong so I took a look at IAMPETH with the right position. Ever since I started practicing copperplate, I was writing in a wrong position! (T--T)

+Kurone Shizuhi OOOii Almost forgot about LATIN! Thank you!!!
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#fivedayquest   #copperplate   #calligraphy  

Story of Day Quest 4
Two day quests left (or another five for +Rashmi Pahuja? LOL jke) and I'm done with my adventure/quest. 

I did as per request of +Thomas Jäger and +Ben St-Pierre! It was good practice and I've seen my limits too, that I should try to improve my handwriting. As with +Thomas Jäger's dampfschifffart, the challenge was the triple fs. From the five variations I have practiced, I think only two is suited to it. After the dampfschiffart are words with different variations of s, x and g. 

The bring me a heifer three years old, a she-goat, three years old, a ram three years old, a turtle dove and a young pigeon, given by +Ben St-Pierre was, honestly, making my hands tired but overall I wasn't. The mistakes are shown in the letters! I made a second try, placed the time I began and ended. There were still mistakes too like irregular thicks and thins because the pen caught the fibers of the paper making the ink blot. Boo.

I'll redo the poem-like sentence tomorrow and will start working on the majuscules or capital letters. Almost done!

Comment: I need a higher table so that I do not have to bend my back too low to work on the exercises. But this will do for now.

Having fun here and hope you there too! (^_^)v
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+Ben St-Pierre That quote can be applied vice versa too ^^; Thank you for the suggestion :D Hehehe I have a plan for that quote :D
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Story of Day Quest 2
In my part, doing this day quest challenge is really a challenge!!!  
So, it is the second day but really, all I did was complete the task from my day job and then practice calligraphy.

For my practice, I tried doing larger letters even though there were no instructions from the book. I was just curious how it would feel like doing larger letters than I usually do. I switched the nib to Leonardt Steno 'Blue Pumpkin' which is able to do thicker lines. Turns out to be quite difficult. I had to move my hand all the way to the top. The words I chose to practice with are subjects that I am interested at: science, physics, mathematics, neurology and language. Reasons? 

1. Science - I love the sciences even if its scientific terminology kills me.
2. Physics - Makes me think of +CERN and Neil deGrasse Tyson! It should have been astrophysics then! But the word could not fit in the paper, it was already at the edge.
3. Mathematics - I love looking at numbers and equations jumbling together in a paper. I used to do that during secondary education. But my knowledge of math today? Hmmm....
4. Neurology - I love my brain and its ability to think! Wait, every brain does :D 
5. Languages - I love reading different languages even if they look gibberish (as of the moment) to me. I want to write the following languages in calligraphic style: Spanish, French, German and Dutch. They will definitely look lovely! Aside from that, Spanish makes me think of tapas and churros; French is chateau, truffles and William Shakespeare; German is beer and Oktoberfest; Dutch is windmills, flowers and milk. What's the connection? Just random!

For my closing of this story, a photo of my practice. The red marks are corrections I need to make the next time I do the words again. 

Have fun and smile ! (^-^)v
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+Cheri Tsuzuri No pressure. Take it easy and enjoy yourself. ☼
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I will be sleeping here tonight...
Casa del Duque in Comillas, Cantabria, Spain
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+ait meijin 
Join +Steampunk Tendencies and you will see lots of these :D they have very interesting photos! You will not regret it.

+Kendra Trahan Right? I did not know there is such a structure in Spain :D
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So we aren't really touching things? Just the brain telling us so?
Why Physics Says You Can Never Actually Touch Anything:

If you’re reading this right now, it’s a sure bet that you are touching something; be it your cellphone, laptop, a chair, desk or a nice, plush bed, with Egyptian-cotton sheets (we can dream, right?). Speaking of that nice plush, comfy bed, I hate to shatter the illusion, but you aren’t actually touching your pillow when you crawl under those sheets and shut your eyes. The comfortableness one feels after pulling the covers over your head and drifting off to Neverland for a few hours isn’t an illusion, but the action itself is.

Learn why here:
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+Cheri Tsuzuri I pondered on it and figured I love the Illusion!
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#fivedayquest   #copperplate   #calligraphy  

Story of Day Quest 5
Is it my last day quest? That was fast!
This last entry for #fivedayquest  will be short as I am left with a few words (or sentences) to write here. 

I wanted to start practicing the capitals today but seeing that my miniscules need more work, I decided to set that exercise for later and focus this week on improving my control over press-release of the pen, thick and thins and reducing the pen from catching the fibers from the paper. 

My brain is not functioning well today ^^; It got drained earlier with my work. Good thing I could still write but it got affected too (see the result below). The quote is by Ralph Waldo Emerson (again), talking about patience. Sometimes I have it, sometimes I don't. There are just situations were you snap and forget to control your emotions. This quote is a reminder to me to take things slowly; baby steps like +Nico Nieuwendijk said so :D

+Ben St-Pierre and +Rashmi Pahuja invited me to do the #fivedayquest ! This time I am inviting +Kurone Shizuhi and +Kendra Trahan to do the quest too! 

And this may be my last time making long posts! Yay!
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+Kendra Trahan You may forget easily but you can remember right away (^_^)v
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#fivedayquest   #calligraphy   #copperplate  

Story of Day Quest 3
As I watch the pen touch the paper and write the letters, I am reminded of the reason why I practice copperplate everyday - a gift for my brother's wedding which will take place a few months from now. I am thinking of giving a quote written in Copperplate but I have yet to decide which I should write. Since this is a Catholic wedding, I was thinking of doing the famous Corinthians 13 4-7 quote. But then I thought maybe the quote is too common?

Earlier I found these quotes from a website featuring famous Irish blessings. I find them to be more appealing than the bible quote: 

May your troubles be less
And your blessings be more
And nothing but happiness
Comes through your door.

May the wings of the butterfly kiss the sun
And find your shoulder to light on
To bring you luck, happiness and riches
Today, tomorrow and beyond.

May God be with you and bless you.
May you see your children's children.
May you be poor in misfortune, rich in blessings.
May you know nothing but happiness.
From this day forward.

But I only get to choose one, and I have my eye on the last quote...wait, wait, the second, or the first? If I do all three, will my budget fit? I have to frame the final piece! Just thinking about it makes me really excited! 

As with what I have been doing with my practice exercises, I played with the f and double f variations, including other letters. The words were suggested in the book while the last line was just something that came to me. Die fledermaus was the song I listened to while doing this practice and fullhaltertinte is from the ink's package. 

Have fun with your world (^_^)v
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I can't wait +Cheri Tsuzuri!!! ^O^
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#fivedayquest   #copperplate  

Now my first of the five day quest. I apologize for the long wait, +Ben St-Pierre and +Rashmi Pahuja :D 

I rarely do long posts as I prefer to read posts done by those in my circle. But this is a challenge and I'll try to make it long :D

Story of Day Quest 1
I used to consume most of my time reading manga online, play action RPG games, reading books, watching anime (Japanese animation) series until it was 6am in the morning and listening to music. All of these have greatly reduced (except for music) after I started practicing calligraphy. The practice forces me to cut all of my time spent on those and focus more on enhancing my skills. After reading several books on the subject, the authors all said the same thing - go slow, calm and patient. Having a tired body produce bad results to the handwriting and I noticed that the first time I held a real dip pen. The lines go crooked, the pen gets caught on the paper if there is too much pressure, the ink blots on paper and so on. Although I cannot call my sleep time to be the right time to sleep (since I usually sleep at 8 or 9pm when I was still a kid, a time when computers were not addicting), I still get about 6 hours of rest, often not much. But having this change is fun. 

What I really did for the entire day, besides doing my day job, was practice copperplate. To complete my first day quest, I wrote a quote by Ralph Waldo Emerson using Hunt Imperial 101 pointed nib and Pelikan 4001 brilliant black ink. All miniscules, no majuscules yet. 

Hope that was fun to read :D at least for me I had fun writing the quote three times.
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+Jeni Ong Thank you :D
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My next love to Solace :)
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Nice melodious music.
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