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anything going on here on the google plus machine?

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Avocados substitute for mayo quite well, yummy!

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We should be outraged. They're telling us spending is at critical mass, then do this?

Bummed out about the google plus rumors, I can't get people to come over here.

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My comments to the truepooka on the subject of antinatalism, starting at the bottom. Here for safe keeping.

@TheTruePooka 3. Maybe I can get you to think more clearly on this by lowering the stakes. If a comet passed overhead and rendered humans infertile for 25-30 years, what would our planet look like? What changes could be focused on? What economic shifts would there be? But most importantly, please tell me the harm. Humans ARE going to go extinct. What is holy and sacred to you that drives your fear of being rational about this coming extinction and evaluating the magnitude of current suffering?

boobootoob 1 second ago
@TheTruePooka 2. my point being that your argument about making a conscious choice (dna forbid we use logic, or conscious thought when dealing with matters of life and death) to counter a "natural goal" of some dna molecule, or whatever you are conceptualizing there. There is no higher purpose for these molecules and humans/sentient life suffering disproportionately to any identifiable or even sensical need is what carries meaning and value. (cont)

boobootoob 1 second ago
@TheTruePooka so you think "life" is something that has a "goal" that should not be stopped. Why use birth control? We use birth control because we acknowledge we're better off controlling it. While doing so we feel no need to introduce these theoretical, "life has a goal" nonsense. We seek to minimize our own suffering by controlling when we give birth, we also take great offense to the arguments of prolife activists that impose on others to stop this control at great harm to the population.

boobootoob 1 sec ago

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Here's my video on the topic of people misusing "cult" against people they don't like.
Cult of Personality Disorders

man today has some weird vibes.

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One of the most important videos I have seen in a long long time. This is very specific talk about the interworkings of MSNBC. It's worse than we think. At least they keep Maddow.

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And here's the video.
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