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Ellen Forsyth
Reading, games, libraries, ideas, stories, knitting...
Reading, games, libraries, ideas, stories, knitting...

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A few thoughts on Servant of the crown (and there is a library connection)
Servant of the Crown by Melissa McShane My rating: 3 of 5 stars I read this book because I wanted to see how a royal librarian was depicted in fiction. This is a political thriller and romance with a mistreated library in the middle. There are cataloguing p...

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I will be participating in #glamblogweekly or #libblogweekly or whatever the hashtag is
I made it half way through #blogjune and then did not blog for the rest of the month. I really enjoyed reading the blog posts from others. At the end of the month I read this post  by Kathryn (so make sure you head over and read her post now ). I am viewing...

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Using storify - work done by @abcemergency
ABC Emergency on storify is great local studies work . This account brings together information about (mostly weather related) emergencies across Australia.  I would be interested to know how local studies staff are using this information and these resource...

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Using storify - work done by @hwr
Human Rights Watch uses storify to highlight issues of concern around the world.  I have embedded a recent one, but you can see more here . I am including this group because of the wider information potential they have. [ View the story "The Rights Weekende...

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A few thoughts about Grief works: stories of life, death and surviving
Grief Works: Stories of Life, Death and Surviving by Julia Samuel My rating: 4 of 5 stars I read this book because I heard a talk by the author on Dan Snow's history hits . I would suggest going and listening to this first. This is an impressive book, and a...

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Burton Barr Library - making and connecting
Phoenix Public Library is very interesting.  They have some very lovely libraries, and they keep looking at changes which can be made. In their central library they have added Mach and Hive . Hive is for small business with a mix of books and other elements...

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local studies and art
There is a very interesting artist, Jane Hunter, whose work focuses on maps . The making of a mountain. This is 'Geology, Ben Nevis'. One last little look at our highest peak before being parcelled up and shipped to a private collector in USA. How much will...

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readers' advisory - it is about the client and not you
I know this is a tough idea for some people to understand. I still hear people 'recommending' and not suggesting titles.  There is a really big difference. Becky Spratford has a great series on her blog which is a Call to action  which makes vital points ab...

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a few thoughts on Reading the reader: A survey of Australian reading habits
Recently the report  Reading the reader: A survey of Australian reading habits was released.   The whole report is here , or you can r ead an overview here  with some graphs.  It is a good idea to look at the methodology because it shows that there were som...

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Connecting information...local land services
There is an impressive series of videos produced by  Local Land Services Western Region  in NSW. It really looks at land is a variety of ways.  The video I have embedded is by Ben Flick, a local Indigenous man, and is part of the Through our eyes series whi...
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