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I was considering running a some what nasty dungeon tomorrow. Otherwise a normal crawl but I want to make it work a bit like the movie Cube: Hypercube, with the rooms connected in weird ways so they will really struggle with mapping until they figure it out. Have you tried it? Did it result in cries of joy or stoning of the GM?

Hi there,

I sort of ran myself into trouble using spell result tables from Last Gasp Grimoire. I've modified them a little and as a result a cleric in my campaign was forced to convert to a new religion. I described the god vaguely as some kind of a formless mass of evil. I now have a little writer's block and had a hell of a work week and need some ideas!

I think That the god will be a Manifestation of Things Left Undone, Broken Ambitions and Lost Love. So all in all, a bit on the dark and probably malicious/vengeful side. Now I'm looking for some ideas as for the rules the cleric has to follow from now on, how he should preach and stuff like that. Point me to rpg books likely to help in creation of gods, shout out any weird ideas you get and stuff like that.

The setting is Germany in the 17th centre with a bit of weird stuffed in to liven things up.
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