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Aging Out of Foster Care and Into Reality
By LaTasha C. Watts~ 21 May 2017 Most
people wake up each day with a mom, a dad or some form of a family
structure. However, the youth in foster care who have this type of life
are few and far between. I entered foster care as an infant, and my

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TRUMP RESPONDS to Psycho-Psychs
(at least in Verde's new cartoon!) Recently, several Psychs publicly attempted to label President Trump with a “mental disorder”, despite the fact they’ve never met him, which is against their own ethics rules. The American Psychiatric Association’s “Princi...

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How Do We Unite Congress: Thoughts from Parental Rights Organization
    How Do We Unite Congress? "Parental Rights" is perhaps one of the most BiPartisan issues there is. However, "How Do We Unite Congress?" Read on the thoughts from the Parental Rights Organization Thanks, Granpa Chuck National Coordinator, NFPCAR  ~~~~~~~...

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"Parental Rights" is perhaps one of the most BiPartisan issues there is.
However, "How Do We Unite Congress?"

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The "Wheels of Legal Justice" are slow to turn. In Iowa, as were in many other states, the Feds evaluated and shared the many concerns, starting in 2003 (Third Round 2018)
"Shame on US" brought this to center stage; and "We the People" need to let our legislators aware.
The federal government's dereliction allows states to fall short on meeting minimum child welfare standards. Below is information specific to Iowa.

CFSR Results Summary: In its Child and Family Services Review (CFSR) process, HHS determines whether each state is in substantial conformity with 7 specific outcomes (pertaining to the areas of safety, permanency and family and child well-being) and 7 systemic factors (relating to the quality of services delivered to children and families and the outcomes they experience). In the first two rounds of the CFSR, HHS has concluded that Iowa was:

Round 1 (2003)
NOT in substantial conformity with 5 of the 7 Outcomes
NOT in substantial conformity with 4 of the 7 Systemic Factors

Round 2 (2011)
NOT in substantial conformity with 7 of the 7 Outcomes
NOT in substantial conformity with 2 of the 7 Systemic Factors

Although federal law mandates that any state found not to be operating in substantial conformity during an initial or subsequent review must begin a full review within two years after approval of the state's program improvement plan, HHS has announced that Iowa will not undergo Round 3 of the CFSR until FY 2018 (see CFSR Technical Bulletin #7 (March 2014)).

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Child Welfare Information Gateway E-lert!: February 2017
Each  Month the Child Welfare Information Gateway publishes the many articles relating to our children and our Families. You'd think with all this information, there would be few problems with our families? However, I do like the Gateway's Protect...

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Well worth reviewing for those Advocates taking issues about the Medical Industry.

AZ: Nuts & Bolts to Filing a Civil Rights Claim-Shawn McMillan Sunday, January 29 at 10 AM - 1 PM MST

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