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Bringing codes to the masses since 2007
Bringing codes to the masses since 2007

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Just a little add on i made on the site regarding this last change on the imvu website and the Photostream link replaced with Next's Feed...

If you see on gaf210Codes top bar, you can use a couple of quick actions to check someone's homepage, search the catalog, etc.

Well, now you can check a friends Photostream just the same way, just type the name of the avatar in the box, and select the Photostream option, then click on the arrow button to go there. Leave the avatar name field empty if you just want to see your friend's stream, just as how the old menu link worked :)

Oh and as a bonus track, i added an option to check on friend's Pulses as well! just remember that this option will work on avatars that have added you.

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Happy new year everyone!!!

I wanted to start this 2017 by announcing the Adplan Holiday giveaway winners :D Congratulations to:

+ Adplan experts: 6 months free Adplan extensions to Sheba99, Azo and HunterMZ.

+ Banner specialists: free Golden Banner spot to Studio and Aislinn.

+ Master Mesher: "We have something in common" campaign pick to xXGlamourousBeautyXx.

Big thank you to all the participants and stay tuned for more giveaways this year :)

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Ok peeps, this week in gaf210Codes tips i want to tell you about something related to the whole Photostream madness that is going on lately regarding its possible replacement:

Just so you know, you can always have your latest Photostream pics displayed in a panel-form into your homepage. Simply use this generator to create it and style it just as you want. Bear in mind that the panel will take care of updating itself and show your recent stream pics in there :)

I've been asked if this particular generator will break in case imvu decides to replace the Photostream page with the IMVU Next Feed. The answer is no, since this generator uses the IMVU Next platform to build the code :)

If you have any questions or suggestions for more generators please let me know!

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Amazed at the latest Enchanted Beauty Magazine!! Lovely dresses for the winter season

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Adplan is having its 7th Anniversary!! Thank you all so much for making this project a reality - Big hugs to the Adplan creators! Check their featured products here:

And for adplan creators! Make sure to log in into your dashboard to see the special giveaways prepared for this holiday season - special for you :)

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This week on gaf210Codes Tips I wanted to showcase a particular generator that is very useful not only for creators but also for outfitters and photostreamers.

The Bulk Product Icon Code Generator is an easy tool that allows you to quickly create the HTML or BBCode code for a set of product icons you want to share, either on your homepage, product pages, group posts, forums, etc. It only needs the product link or the ID number of each of the products to show. The icons will be linked to their respective product in the catalog.

Possible uses for this generator are:

+ Posting a group of matching products of a bundle in a product page
+ Posting the products of an outfit in groups that require you to do so
+ Posting your catalog products in the forums
+ Anywhere where you need to post a set of particular products

On the plans with this generator we have to make it work with AP products :)

Do you find this generator useful? Have any recommendations? Feel free to post your ideas here!

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Awesome Evoluer Magazine issue!!

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New Generator has been added to gaf210Codes!

Polaroid Photo Gallery Generator:

Create nice polaroid photo galleries with this generator! Simply add your pictures direct links and optionally a caption to be displayed under each of them.

The polaroids will fit across the width of the page.

You can feature the pictures from your IMVU Albums, your Photostream, and even your Photobucket, tinypic, or any other image host that provides Direct Links.


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A few years ago we thought about a way of offering a special spot for advertising in our site, aside from the regular product ad spots that already existed.

We wanted a way where creators, file sellers, designers, and anyone with something to advertise about can show their brand in a special way. The answer we have for it is our premium offer for advertising: Golden Banner!

Just send us a 950x250px image and a link, and we will show it in the main page of the gaf210Codes website:

Read more about rates and exposure values here:

Special perks for Adplan Creators! Monitor the clicks and prints your Golden Banner is having at any time from your Adplan Dashboard ^^

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It's been a while since we went to the biggest continent of all, Asia, so now we are going to venture into the beautiful Thailand just to meet with one amazing creator and model in our campaign We have something in common: HomeMonster, one of the most awesome room and furniture creators I've ever seen. Beautiful atmospheres and environments can be found in a unique catalog of products she has on display. Not only that, she is one awesome photostream model and as well, a great friend :) We are very happy to have her with us in this month!
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