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Happy #Thanksgiving to you and your families and friends

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Erosion, Abrasion, Attrition, Malocclusion, Crowding…or a combination thereof ?


This patient presented with one concern only. She did not like the color of one tooth. My only response was which one? She said… Can’t you see it is obvious!

It took me a lot of restraint to listen to the patient without judging. It seemed to me that the biggest challenge is in the patient’s lack of perception of oral health. 


"Where can we start???".... The only true answer that came to my mind is the ...."broader dental community". We failed to educate patients and the general public over the years about what is oral health, at a time when all the fashion, travel and entertainment industry kept on investing despite their strong name recognition. Ever wonder why? They are creating Value…. Not Price… Value! Let us stop getting too technical with our patients. Let us stop talking about “crown margins”, “fillings”, and “deep cleanings”. These mean nothing to the patient. The entire dental community needs to focus on Value (Health, Beauty, Feeling good, Feeling confident). 

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I would like to start this page by paying tribute to my great country and first home.#EGYPT. Please include us in your prayers for this great country to rise again. #blessedbeyondmeasure  
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