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All posts and comments by me on Google+ are my own personal opinions only.
All posts and comments by me on Google+ are my own personal opinions only.

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#ACA Interest Only Loans, I am blown away by the two ignorant bozos on, they both think the banks are to blame.

1. They had a double storey mansion, that they CHOSE to upgrade to, knowing full well they couldn't pay for it. Now she's living in a rental house that according to her, is "falling apart", but ACA only shows 10% of the facade that looks 15-20 years old (not run down), inside shot = immaculate, outside, a nice lawn and get this, a swimming pool, creature comforts right? These idiots still haven't learnt their lesson...

2. This guy:
A. Applies for a home loan.
B. Signs off on the loan contract.
Knowing full well, he doesn't have a job now or any prospects of getting one in the near future.

He still hasn't sold the house, lives with someone else and rents the house out. Oh, and he still doesn't have a job.

Why are they blaming the banks for irresponsible banking? If a bank gives you a loan regardless of your circumstances, you are not obliged to take it, it is not a legal requirement or a tax or something that you have to do, you have a choice to walk away.

This is no different to a married guy sleeping with a prostitute because she 'offered' herself to him, see how that sits with the wife. Banks' business is no different, they offer their money to you so they can rip you off, you DON'T have to take it if you shouldn't. Don't blame the pimp or the whore, I mean the broker or the bank, they're just doing their job, the only way they can take your money is to sugarcoat their product and make you think it's totally worth it, if you're too stupid to fall for it, it's your fault, not their's.

Suffer in your jocks!
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"Three jews were killed in France, an unforgivable crime. 10.000 killed in Syria, and here you find difference in opinion (whether its a crime or not), shameful!"
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