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Helping People Find People has a emotional reward that won't be overlooked. 
Are You Worth More?
Just how valuable is your time and how well do you use it for the benefit of yourself or others?  Organizing your time for the sole benefit of your project, company or job is really wasting time.  It’s wasting your time because, even after all these years, you haven’t learned something about enriching the value of your time.  We’re not talking about your organizational skills because some are just better than others.  We’re talking when you can’t take 5 minutes to help someone, be part of something, something that enriches your value.
You see right now you on your computer, online, at social network site and reading this.  So how can five minutes be of help to anyone, while you’re there reading this.  Well its very simple.  You see, there are millions and millions who are missing, wanted, or needed.  So how much time are we talking about? Take just 5 minutes and look at  and see if someone looks familiar.  Someone you’ve seen on a regular basis at a store, office or a meeting.  This is exactly what John did and he saw a friend who was listed as missing for almost 6 years but no more.
So, again, are you worth more than 5 minutes of your time,just to just take a look and maybe help someone? 
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