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Singer Prince Makes His UK Debut - In Trenchcoat and Bikini
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Greg Watkins

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20 Interesting Facts About Singer Stevie Wonder
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Ex-Cop wrongfully accused of falsifying documents in the Meek Mills case by internal affairs won lawsuit after evidence during deposition it was racially motivated and evidence was tempered with in the case by someone in internal affairs if you want to read the truth

Mr. Brian Puricelli was the Attorney for Ex Police Andre Boyer who was fired on August 8, 2013 ironically after he had filed a $200,000 dollar federal lawsuit against the city of Philadelphia and Internal affairs investigator Lt. Karen Baldinio for violation of his racial discrimination, civil rights and corruption within the Police department internal affairs division. Attorney Brian Puricelli uncovered during the deposition of Lt. Baldinio that her investigation had been impartial and bias and not conducted properly and found numerous departmental violation that had not been made by his client. furthermore during the deposition found that evidence had been tempered with that was produced by internal affairs. The case report had been closed in 2010 and someone had added additional evidence to the case folder in 2013 after officer Boyer filed his lawsuit in 2012. The City solicitors Attorney after hearing and seeing the evidence during the deposition immediately requested not to pursue this case in federal court. The city solicitors office settle settlement on Nov 19, 2013 in federal court before Judge Thomas Rueter. During this investigation by internal affairs Lt. Karen Baldinio there was never any evidence produce during the deposition to show or prove that officer Boyer commit any crime or falsify any paper work that he was accused of doing. But However it did show where other officers and supervisors violated department rules and regulations.but yet were not interview or investigated after Lt. Karen Baldinio uncovering numerous departmental violated made by other officers and supervisors during her investigation. And what makes this coverup even more believable Officer Boyer filed a online police complaint form for corruption, harassment and also found out a high-ranking official within the department ran his personal information without just cause. Boyer waited two months before doing anything after not being contacted back by internal affairs with in 72 hour as per departmental policy. And was later told by A supervisor within internal affairs they did not investigate complaint given by police officers it would have to go to an outside agency to be investigated. The department Then dropped the case and no further action was taken nor was the case given to an outside Agency to investigate as the department is required to do so under law if an officer is alleging corruption within the police department and is a whistleblower. As a result of firing officer Boyer unjustly well over 280 cases were thrown out or not prosecuted by the DAs office and at least 8 felony gun cases thrown out. The tragedy to all this is he was a aggressive good cop doing his job. And because he pissed off the wrong person within the department he was persecuted it's clear that there is no justice. if you're interested in the truth You can contact me or my lawyer

Copy of on complaint filed:
Your official police misconduct form has been successfully submitted.
Please save this email for your records.
Within 72 hours, you will receive an email from the Internal Affairs Bureau with an official IAB case number and the name and contact information of the investigator assigned to your complaint. The investigator will follow up with you directly through a phone call, if a number is provided, or first class mail, within 10 calendar days of receiving your complaint.

Submission W-IAD-1683
Complainant Last Boyer
Complainant First Andre
Complainant Address 1341 W Clearfield Street
Complainant City Philadelphia
Complainant State PA
Complainant Age 45
Complainant Race Black or African American
Complainant Sex Male
Complainant DOB 03/06/1967
Complainant Occupation N/A
Complainant Phone 215 301-7956
Complainant Email

Incident Description: I'm request for an investigation as to why my personal
Information and all vehicle own by me Andre boyer where ran in the philadelphia police system a few months ago between november of 2012 to january of 2013 my vehicle plate is HFW-1668 2000 Cadillac I'm not undre any police investigation and is Bering harass, I feel like the action of that officers are racial an they are targeting me because of my lawsuit that I have field . This is the second time that I have tired to get answer and to have this hassment stopped. I sent 2 letters to the department from the 22nd district I really feel because of this offices position and rank within the philadelphia police department is the soul reason why I have not gothen any help and that yes without a dout there is some kind of cover up it seem as if the good old system within the department is covering for one of there own again. my allegation of harassment, racial discrination misuse of police equipment, abouse of police powers, having, contacting other people asking question about me at this point I truly feel unsafe and that my job my now also be effected as a direct result of my lawsuit

Confirmation Signature Andre Boyer
Confirmation Date 03/02/2013
Submitted: Mar 2nd 13, 9:37 PM
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Greg Watkins

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Earth, Wind & Fire Land First #1 Album With "Open Our Eyes"
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Greg Watkins

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Greg....I wrote this article a few years ago...but its saying you wrote it and it has wyclefs picture...can u help me fix this please...dont mean to spam ur 
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You have found "Grouchy" Greg Watkins, founder of business incubation holding company Syncing Sun. In addition to founding in 1996, Watkins still currently owns half of the company.

Syncing Sun is currently incubating four new websites. has been launched and is currently partnered with Complex Media. is in the early development stages, as is a website focused on politics, and Grouchy.TV.
Bragging rights
Founder of, a pioneering, 15-year-old Internet website, that is currently the most widely read Hip-Hop entity in the world.
  • The Art Institute of Philadelphia
    Music Business, Advertising, 1995 - 1998
    Music Business Advertising Audio Engineering Video Production
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Grandmaster Grouchy
Chillin, making money, women
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Earth, Wind & Fire Land First #1 Album With "Open Our Eyes"

Earth, Wind & Fire Land First #1 Album With "Open Our Eyes"

20 Interesting Facts About Singer Stevie Wonder

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