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Please share the news. New Media Expo co-locations with NAB Show April 13 - 16, 2015.

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Here is a question for the group, every time we put up a blog post in G+ it shows the header image from our blog instead of the image in the blog post. Anyone know how to fix that?

Figured asking in G + was the best place to find an answer 8).

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We are very excited to announce a brand new event. The Social Shake Up with our friends at Social Media Today. Please help us spread the news and come join us in Atlanta this September.

Hi Everyone. +Deborah Ng Just told me about the community. We are always looking for quality speakers and this seems like a good place to look 8)

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I ask people to share things from time to time for various reasons. Please consider this a plea to read and share this heartbreaking blog post. The Anarchist Soccer mom shares her personal story about dealing with her violent mentally ill 13 year old sold.

This is the national conversation we need to be having. This is the kind of blog post everyone of us should aspire to writing some day. Something that can change things. Make things better and help in some way.

Maybe it struck home because one of my best friend's step son is exactly like her son. Maybe it is because one of my cousins was like this when he was young. He has been in and out of prison his entire life.

I am guessing many of you have either experienced this first hand, or you know someone who has. Please read and share if you can.

Warning you are most likely going to be left in tears as I was.

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And our latest keynote speaker is..... +Chris Hardwick From +Nerdist and +The Talking Dead !!!

MAJOR KEYNOTE ANNOUNCEMENT TOMORROW!!!!!! This person has been building a social media empire for quite a while now and is now transcending into mainstream stardom.

Any guesses before we announce tomorrow morning?
First one to guess correctly gets a free all access pass. Go....

2nd =p
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