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Umm, is Konopka components package discontinued?
I can't find anywhere to download the latest sources or binaries.

Yesterday I have installed a new app at my client.
It was everything OK, except one thing. A very strange thing happened, randomly, which I could not reproduce. After a couple of hours of searching, I had an idea....
I have a TButton on a form, which triggers something, which was a bit slower as expected and as on my dev PC's and the user had the time to exercise his bad habit.

Doubleclick. <o>

Funny is, I have been playing couple of weeks ago with this... I took a button and I was able to trigger it twice with clicking with the mouse and hitting the space at the same time like a maniac.. I managed it about 1-2 times out of 10.

Well, good for me, I found the problem, but I'm not sure how to handle this.
If I'm disabling the button as first in it's OnClick, then I still have some milisecs where I could queue a second hit if I'm fast enough. Which I'm not, but still...

Did you ever experienced the same problem, how did you solve it? Or any other thoughts are welcome...

Hi All,

Is there a way to exclude mutators from "class completition" which are declared in the parent class? Or at all influencing cc somehow.

Hi All,

I need help. Followings: I have a TScrollBox. In the ScrollBox I have a component which I can scroll with the mouse if the left button is pressed. (Custom code).

Now, I'm popping a window into the foreground with a list, where I can select and take a value with a double-click. On the double click I call ModalResult := mrOk.

The form closes atm the left button is pressed the second time, and the form disappears.

And here comes the problem, at double-clicking I can't avoid to move the mouse a bit, meanwhile the left button is still pressed, and the component inside the scrollbox gets a wm_mousemove with left button pressed, where i start scrolling, and the scrollbar moves a bit, depending where my mouse was.

So far I've tried to peek wm_mousemove without success, temp var as long I'm selecting in the popup, no luck. Any ideas? I think I can't see the tree from the forest.

Hi All, need some trick here.
I've an enumerator in TBase and i want to loop through a TDescendant with for .. in. Now the problem is obviously that they are 2 different classes. How can i tell the compiler just to go with it? Can't cast neither the left nor the right side in a for .. in. I'd hate to use an extra var.

TBase = class
function GetEnumerator:...

TDescendant = class(TBase) ...

x, y: TDescendant;

for x in y do ... ; error, incompatible types TBase TDescendant

{ if nobody handles context-sensitive help, then bail. }
if FExtendedViewerList.Count = 0 then
raise EHelpSystemException.CreateRes(@SNoContext)

Aha. <o> Greetings from 1998.
(Open down a menu on a form and start pressing F1)

"Tip: The plus operator is faster than Concat."

Hi All!
If you open the help for Concat() you can see the above statement. I would like to ask, if it's still the case, and if yes, where exactly does it differ as I can't manage to get different machine code for Concat() and "+".

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procedure TWinControl.CNKeyDown(var Message: TWMKeyDown);
if IsMenuKey(Message) then Exit;
Just track down what is happening for EVERY SINGLE key you press in your VCL application.

I just can't believe this.... <o>

I have just found out that enabled but invisible TMenuitem is still triggering via its shortcut key. That is a cool feature. What would you do to avoid that when you already have tons of visible/true/false logic in the code?
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