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Tom Szelag
I'm into way too much. Music, food, technology, racing, graphic design, NFL, blah blah blah
I'm into way too much. Music, food, technology, racing, graphic design, NFL, blah blah blah

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Google Play. Wut.

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2011 wrap up: Moved to an awesome part of the country, maybe my favorite yet. Got a new job that I enjoy. Met some great new people. Dropped a ton of weight. Took some good trips for weddings, Giants games, and now the holidays.

Pretty legit. Time to keep rollin - including starting off the New Year with a +New York Giants win over Dallas!

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An interesting read.
How Renaissance People Think

I was just reading this again (it relates to the post on creative personalities and complexity), and appreciating the brilliance in it. I'm not sure if I ever posted it here, so please, take a look. Very fascinating look at the Dual-Process Theory of Human Intelligence.

"According to psychologist Seymour Epstein’s cognitive-experiential self-theory, humans have two parallel but interacting modes of information processing. The rational system is analytic, logical, abstract, and requires justification via logic and evidence. In contrast, the experiential system is holistic, affective, concrete, experienced passively, processes information automatically, and is self-evidently valid (experience alone is enough for belief).

“The two systems have unique disadvantages as well as advantages. Thus, the rational system, although superior to the experiential system in abstract thinking, is inferior in its ability to automatically and effortlessly direct everyday behavior, and the experiential system, although superior in directing everyday behavior is inferior in its ability to think abstractly, to comprehend cause-and-effect relations, to delay gratification, and to plan for the distant future. Since each system has equally important advantages and disadvantages, neither system can be considered superior to the other system.”

A large body of research by Epstein and others, including a hot-off-the-press article in the Journal of Personality [1], supports the importance of harnessing both modes of thought...."

By +Dr. Scott Barry Kaufman

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Alright. Added back a heap of people that had been sitting in my notifications list. Now I have to sort you all out. Going into the next year I intend on doing a better job of sharing items based on circles rather than just blanketing it out there.

Incidentally this is why I wish G+ would allow you to subscribe to someone's specific circles and only get the info you want. But, should you be interested in the following... let me know:

- Automotive / Motorsport
- Tech
- Food
- Music

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Google Wallet set up... going to have to check this out later today.
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