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IBJJF World Championships are less than two weeks away! 

Anti-doping efforts will be underway again (good!) with the help of USADA. 

There are 48 guys in the mens middleweight division! WOW! I don't know if it's a record, but just imagine all the tough guys in there!

Hope you can join us during the live broadcast online with !
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Had a great time hanging out with Slideyfoot today! 
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Who's excited for the IBJJF Pan Jiu-Jitsu Championship?

I think it's safe to say that the mood at this year's event will likely be even more dramatic than usual! 
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Happy holidays everyone! Be safe!
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I know we're not the only ones who constantly get emails like this. But it does get old!

Example Number One:


We hereby introduce ourselves as the manufacturers and exporters of Karate,Martial arts and BJJ Equipment's & Wears.

We are desirous to promote our products into your country through your esteemed organization.

You can see our Catalog with wholesale Price list attached in this mail.

Would you please let us know the specific items you are interested in our products 
If you have any question please don't hesitate to contact with us. "

Example Number Two:

"How are you? We at [redacted] developing high quality Jiu-Jitsu Gi /Kimonos And MMA Clothing according to customer need with these qualities 

•Pre-Shrunk 100% Lighter Weight Pearl Weave Cotton with RipStop Pant fabric 
•Your Logo embroidery on both upper arms, bottom left pant leg, and chest patch on left lapel 
•One-piece jacket construction 
•All reinforcement edges taped for extra strength and durability 
•Both jacket and pant side vents features full length oversized reinforcements with extra stitching for increased durability 
•Pre-Shrunk RipStop pant fabric features increase durability and reduce shrinkage 
•Pant features 3/4 length double lined knee padding 
•Pant with full gusset design reducing movement restrictions 
•Four oversized tie 8 loops increasing pant fit, strength and comfort 

Company wanting to supply high quality BJJ, How we can add in your supplier list. Before all deals if you want to test our samples we can provide you. 

We are putting patches of your logo free of cost."

Example Number Three:

"my compny policy is we provide high qualty product and right time dlivery, so i need buissnes with your good solud company ,im

alredy buissnes in the world  some other good its my wish if we buissnes start,if u itrested buisses with me, and if u give me 

reply we can make sample  when u look my product and my prices then if u need 

we are start buissnes, so i hop u understand my company policy, i will wait your reply, thnks very much,if u need live chat with me..."
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Got a new poll for you: would you tap your professor if the opportunity was there? 

Things to consider:

1. do you have an obligation to always try your hardest no matter who the opponent is?
2. would there be any weird dynamic between you and your teacher if you do tap him or her?
3. if others are watching and see you tap your instructor, does it up the odds?
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Stay tuned, we'll be posting an interview with Rafael Lovato Jr about the 2012 No Gi Worlds shortly!
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Tanquinho speaks with us directly about his gold medal victory at the 2012 No Gi World Championships. 

He clarifies that the choke he used on JT Torres is not a blood choke but rather one that attacks the airway!
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If you haven't heard, we'll be getting together to talk jiu-jitsu before the Metamoris Pro event on Sunday in San Diego!

Come join us!
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