Here's an interesting read on "tolerance" and the "born gay" idea (the latter, in my view, a weird banner for us to try and hang our pleas for equality on). As I've said before, who cares if it's a choice or not?

It's not so long ago that the idea we might be "born this way" brought out headlines in the Daily Mail saying "Abortion hope after 'gay gene' findings"

Ultimately, "born this way" is a red herring; a whiny, needy cry that the bullies shouldn't hurt us, because we can't help it.

Whether you woke up one morning and thing "I'm gonna try this gay sex" or you've felt that way for as long as you remember, it doesn't matter.

What really matters is that if two adults fall in love with each other, it's their right, and none of anyone's business, whatever the combination of genders.
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