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Anne Kruszka
Family Researcher with Obsessive-Compulsive Family Research Disorder
Family Researcher with Obsessive-Compulsive Family Research Disorder

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I'm Not Cornish, But ...
Saturday, DH and I were watching Rick Steves' Europe, a travel show that we've enjoyed for many years. We caught a 2016 episode of his trip to Cornwall. In a portion of the show they highlighted the tin mines and Cornish pasties. That is pasty with a short ...

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What a Week!
I've been very happy to get back in the genealogy groove again. It seems like its been a long time since I've consistently entered data. And of course, entering data isn't just putting in the dates. For me, it also includes seeing daughters' mentioned as Mr...

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Time Flies and Then Bedtime!
I can't believe how fast time goes by lately. I've been trying to work in my office, but things keep getting in the way. By the time I do manage to squeeze some time in, I look at the pile on my desk and get discouraged. Last night, I did manage to be somew...

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Just Can't Jump Start It Today - And, What? A Project?
Just can't get too excited about doing data entry today. There is something else I can work on though. It's that time of year and the Missouri State Archives have the 1966 Death Certificates loaded for the volunteers to index. I am and have been a volunteer...

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Check, Check and Check
 I finally got the images transcribed and linked from our last research trip to Lexington, Kentucky. My former research buddies know that I often came back to the room after a long day at the library and entered what I found into my database and prepared fo...

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Sarah Laudeman Parker Where Are You?
Sarah Laudeman married my kinsman, John Parker on March 26, 1846 in Lexington, Kentucky. Unfortunately, Sarah died on December 24, 1850 at the age of 36. And herein lies the question. Where was Sarah buried? I find no record of her in the Lexington Cemetery...

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Jump In, Part Two
Yesterday I preached about not procrastinating on starting your genealogy journey. I think one of the reasons people waited to research was because they physically had to travel to courthouses to find records. It's not confined to courthouses anymore. Here ...

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Jump In
Yesterday, I patted myself on the back for finally getting to a point where I can do data entry again. Deservedly so. Sometimes you get so busy with life, that things you enjoy doing get pushed aside. So now the sermon. Thirty plus years ago when I started ...

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Clean and Organized - Mostly - Jumping In Nonetheless.
After a few days of cleaning, finishing up Christmas project (yes, in the new year and wasn't even ready for New Year's day) and organizing (somewhat) I am ready to tackle the stuff on my desk and get it into my genealogy program. For those of you who may b...

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Where Are They?
Last year, I found some information on a line of my mother's that came to the US that I didn't know about. This was maybe a month or so after I discovered another one with a similar spelling. The more recently found one involves the descendants of her pater...
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